Trump attorney in defamation suit reveals 'amazing coincidence' of Carroll's rape accusation matching 'Law & Order' episode

May 3, 2023
Ben Marquis

Former President Donald Trump is currently fighting against a civil defamation suit in New York filed by author and columnist E. Jean Carroll, who in 2019 dubiously accused Trump of having raped her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s.

The few specific details of the alleged incident were already difficult to believe, and may now have been completely undermined as one of Trump's attorneys highlighted on Monday the "amazing" similarities between her claim and a 2012 episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Breitbart reported.

Carroll's accusation against Trump

In 2019, Carroll released an anti-men book in which she claimed to have been raped and sexually assaulted by around a dozen different powerful and wealthy men, including then-President Trump.

Her vague accusation against Trump allegedly occurred in either 1995 or 1996 when they ran into each other while shopping at the popular Bergdorf Goodman department store. Carroll claimed that they ended up in the lingerie section and Trump asked her to try a piece on, then followed her into the dressing room and proceeded to rape or sexually assault her.

At the time that she first raised that allegation in 2019, Trump vehemently denied it and, in his typically blunt manner, made it clear that she was not the type of woman that he would have even been sexually attracted to, which prompted her to file a civil lawsuit which asserted that his denial and insult constituted defamation.

An "astonishing" coincidence

The New York Post reported that Carroll took the stand on Monday and faced questioning from Trump's attorney, Joe Tacopina, who brought up the "amazing coincidence" of how her accusation against Trump strongly resembles a scene in a 2012 episode of the "Law & Order" spin-off series that was titled "Theatre and Tricks."

In that scene, one character shared with others about acting out a rape fantasy in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room, and said, "Role-play took place in the dressing room of Bergdorf’s. While she was trying on lingerie I would burst in."

Carroll admitted that she was "aware" of the episode but claimed "I haven't seen it," and went on to say that the stark parallels between her claim and the show "was amazing to me." Tacopina asked, "An amazing coincidence?" to which Carroll replied, "Yes, it’s astonishing."

Trump's accuser further acknowledged that she was a huge fan of the original "Law & Order" series but typically didn't watch the "SVU" spin-off because it was often too violent. Later, when her own attorney asked if she was "making up your allegation based on a popular TV show," she simply replied, "No."

Case should have been dismissed or mistrial declared

The New York Post reported that Trump's attorneys had initially moved for a mistrial and dismissal of the suit but were denied by Manhattan Federal District Judge Lewis Kaplan -- though there are a number of reasons why such a motion should have been granted to end this particular case.

The Post noted that Carroll accused numerous men of sexual assault in her book, including former CBS head Les Moonves, but only pursued defamation and rape charges -- under a special New York law that waived statute of limitations on such crimes for one year -- against former President Trump.

She also previously spoke publicly about how rape is "sexy" and a common fantasy among both men and women, as well as that her life is "fabulous," despite claiming in the lawsuit that Trump's alleged acts against her caused severe mental trauma and devastated her.

Breitbart reported separately that Carroll's suit is being funded by Trump-hating Democratic megadonor billionaire Reid Hoffman, a co-founder of LinkedIn, and that one of her attorneys, Roberta Kaplan, is a left-leaning activist whose former group, Time's Up, was exposed for secretly defending former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) by smearing his multiple accusers.

And then there is Carroll's other attorney, Shawn Crowley, who previously served as a clerk for Judge Kaplan and whose wedding was officiated by the same judge who is now presiding over a case in which she is an active participant and probably should've been recused for a clear conflict of interest.

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