Nancy Pelosi Accused of "Legal Corruption" by Liberal Jon Stewart

 May 17, 2024

It's not a good time to be a corrupt liberal in the United States of America, and Nancy Pelosi is finding that out the hard way.

Even other liberals are starting to have a SERIOUS problem with Nancy Pelosi's insider trading scheme that has resulted in her and her family getting rich.

Politics is supposed to be about acting as a public servant, but don't tell Nancy Pelosi that. She's in the game to get RICH.

Blatant corruption reports that Nancy Pelosi has done very well for herself salary-wise, but her $223,500 salary, while quite a bit, probably shouldn't have made her family one of the most rich and influential in the entire country.

Comedian Jon Stewart has long been a favorite of America's liberals, but even he cannot ignore the blatant corruption that is allowing Nancy Pelosi and her corrupt colleagues to get rich in what is supposed to be a career of public service.

Stewart took issue with the fact that Pelosi and other members of Congress "have inside information" that they've been using for financial gain.

How it works

Ordinary Americans don't know what laws are going to be proposed, voted on, or implemented, so it's hard to tell how the laws of America will impact the business landscape in order to make an accurate prediction about stock prices. Nancy Pelosi is NOT an ordinary American.

She has information that other Americans simply don't have access to, and she's been using that information to make incredible stock picks for years. Jon Stewart even joked about why Bob Menendez felt the "need to break the law so cartoonishly when the legal corruption in the Senate is so fucking lucrative."

According to Peter Schweizer of CSPAN, the "average" senator's stock portfolio has been the stock market 12% of the time. Compare that to the average hedge fund, which beats the stock market just 7% of the time.

Stewart's had ENOUGH

"How do they do it?" he sarcastically asked. It was clear he already knew the answer. We all do:

"The secret is an understanding of the intricate interconnectivity of global markets. I’m kidding. They have inside information."

And how are the members of Congress able to avoid prosecution? It's simple, they're in charge of policing themselves.

Why would any congressman ever call out their colleagues for corrupt trading when they could just do the same and get rich as well?

American politicians have had to pick between money and honor. Jon Stewart says it's no mystery which they chose:

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