Chairman Comer announces new Biden-related bank subpoena involving several family members

 May 18, 2024

News of efforts to impeach President Joe Biden as a result of several GOP-led investigations into him and his family's foreign business dealings has died off a bit, thanks to his friends in the mainstream media. 

However, evidence and proof of his corruption keep surfacing, as PJ Media recently reported.

The news of additional shady bank accounts connected to the Biden family was announced Thursday by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer.

In addition to revealing the bombshell news, Comer also announced that a new subpoena has been issued for an undisclosed bank.

What's going on?

During a recent Fox News interview, Comer announced the subpoena and an update on the efforts to uncover the truth about the shady Biden family influence-peddling business.

Comer said the latest subpoena involves connections to several members of the Biden family.

"This morning, I issued a subpoena for targeted financial information from a certain financial institution related to Jim Biden, Sarah Biden and Hunter Biden. This is a result of many of the documents that Devin Archer turned over," Comer told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

Fox News noted:

The new subpoena, which Comer claims will hopefully "answer every question [Congress has] had," comes just after another House Republican filed articles of impeachment last week.

What those new bank records contain is anyone's guess, but it has to be big for Comer to go as far as to subpoena the bank for them.

Social media reacts

Understandably, social media users reacted to the news, many with a skeptical tone given the fact that though an investigation has been going on for months, nothing has come of it yet.

"This better not be another run-a-round to a dead end. RESULTS....WE WANT RESULTS!!! Signed...The American People," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Golly, if you guys move any slower you will be moving backwards."

Clearly, the American people are frustrated at the overall lack of progress. Hopefully, whatever Comer has will bring justice one step closer.

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