NOW Biden administration likes cluster bombs

July 7, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It appears that NOW the Joe Biden administration likes cluster bombs, with its announcement Friday those deadly weapons, with their inherent threat to civilians and children, will be sent to Ukraine.

According to BizPacReview, it was Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki who said, when Russia launched its war against Ukraine and she was asked about the use of such weapons, answered, "If that were true, it would potentially be a war crime.”

The New York Times reported, "More than 100 nations have signed a 15-year-old treaty banning the use of cluster munitions, which rain down smaller bombs that scatter across the landscape. The weapons, which are meant to explode when they hit the ground, have caused thousands of deaths and injuries, often among children who have picked up duds that failed to go off in the initial attacks, only to explode long after a conflict is over."

The announcement about the delivery was made by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

They are a rocket, bomb, or missile that unleashes tens or hundreds of smaller, explosive munitions when fired.

The failure rate, though, is expected to be in the 2%-10% range, or even up to 40%, meaning many will land on the ground unexploded and remain that way – until disturbed.

The Daily Caller News Foundation cited Biden's newest "reversal" of course.

"Kyiv has requested the weapon, essentially a bomb filled with mini 'bomblets,' for months to target deeply entrenched Russian positions and prosecute the counteroffensive despite its disadvantage in troop numbers and ammunition, according to The New York Times. While the Biden administration initially demurred regarding Ukraine’s demands for the controversial weapon, which poses a unique risk to civilians, officials signaled in recent weeks the White House was coming around to Kyiv’s line of reasoning."

The killer weapons were revealed in a statement that addressed a new aid package.

The report pointed out that between 56,500 and 876,500 civilians have died from late-detonating cluster bombs since World War II.

BizPacReview explained, "Amid humanitarian concerns and recognizing how 'drastically out of step' sending the banned weapons would place the United States in relation to its allies, it was the State Department that stood as the 'last holdout' in the high-level meetings to discuss the move, but Ukraine is now 'burning through the available supply of conventional artillery shells.'"

Both Ukraine and Russia already have used such weapons from their own reserves in the war.

The foundation explained, "Online, news of the upcoming announcement from the White House is sparking fury from those who see it as the act of a 'warmonger.' Warmongers Joe Biden and Tony Blinken are preparing to send cluster bombs to Ukraine. These kill and maim children and are banned by an international treaty signed by most of our allies,' tweeted author Jim Rickards. 'Let’s not hear more about the ‘humanitarian’ cause we’re supporting.'"

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