White House gaffe machine: Biden made 148 mistakes in speeches this year

 May 1, 2024

Joe Biden seems to be constantly confused, but just how often does the White House need to correct him?

A new report in the Daily Caller puts a number to the Biden "gaffe machine": a review of 118 speeches this year found Biden was corrected 148 times in official White House transcripts.

That means on average, Biden is making at least one error every time he makes a speech.

Biden's 148 mistakes

Some of Biden's most common errors are mixing up places and names, vocalizing teleprompter instructions, and leaving sentences incomplete. In some cases, Biden has said the complete opposite of what he meant to express.

For example, in his State of the Union, Biden said that a threat to democracy needed to be "defended" when he meant to say "defeated."

In the same speech, he said "every American" voted against his COVID stimulus plan when he meant to say, "every Republican." Biden also notoriously botched the name of Laken Riley, the young nursing student murdered by an illegal immigrant, referring to her as "Lincoln."

Cover up...

The White House transcript records Biden's utterance as "Lanken" and corrects it to "Laken."

In some instances, the White House made apparent efforts to hide Biden's flubs before acknowledging the truth. At an event last week, Biden, in a familiar scene, read the word "pause" aloud, but the White House initially recorded the utterance as "inaudible."

“Folks, imagine what we could do next,” Biden said. “Four more years … Pause,” he added.

Biden gets creative with numbers

Biden has also been known to spit out wildly inaccurate figures, sometimes to his own detriment. While touting the economy at one event, Biden bragged about creating "440 new jobs" in North Carolina.

He claimed to oversee "720 million" Americans getting the COVID vaccine, a figure more than twice the size of the U.S. population. Sometimes, Biden misses by just one critical word. During a campaign event in March, Biden meant to say that Kamala Harris was "historic" but forgot that part, so she awkwardly become "a vice president."

81-year-old Biden has also struggled to adapt to contemporary progressive lingo, omitting the "T" in "LGBTQ" at an event in January. The White House transcript includes the missing letter, which refers to transgenders.

Old man spins wild tales

Beyond these simple, but glaring errors, Biden has also been known to spin surreal, wildly imaginative stories, often involving himself in heroic roles. He was recently criticized for claiming to have been arrested during a civil rights protest in the 1950s, an old yarn of Biden's that he has continued to repeat, despite no evidence.

On the weirder side, Biden has also faced blowback from Papua New Guinea for suggesting his uncle was eaten by island cannibals. Biden recently said he would be "happy" to debate Donald Trump, who has challenged his rival to get on stage ASAP.

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