New Hampshire Democrats launch write-in campaign on behalf of Biden to avoid potential embarrassing loss in primary election

October 31, 2023
Ben Marquis

Due to the Democratic National Committee's manipulation of the party's 2024 primary election schedule, President Joe Biden will not be formally participating in New Hampshire's traditional first-in-the-nation primary contest.

Yet, in order to avoid the humiliation of Biden losing that lead-off state's election, Democrats in the Granite State have launched a massive write-in campaign in support of the absentee president, according to Fox News.

The organizers of the campaign insisted that it is a purely grassroots-led and volunteer effort that is not linked in any way to President Biden or his re-election campaign.

Biden write-in campaign launched

Following the news last week that President Biden would not register to appear on the New Hampshire primary ballot in early 2024, a "Write In Biden" website was launched as part of an effort to convince New Hampshire Democrats and independents to write the president's name in on the ballot when the primary election is eventually held next year.

"The fate of our democracy itself hangs in the balance in the 2024 election," the site declared, as the Granite State Write-In organization proclaimed itself to be "a grassroots, volunteer-driven effort committed to organizing voters to show support for Joe Biden in the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary in January 2024."

"While misguided DNC rules are leaving Joe Biden off the primary ballot here, New Hampshire Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents overwhelmingly support Joe Biden and plan to write him in," the group said of its mission. "That’s why our focus will be encouraging those Democrats and Democrat-leaning Independents to turn out and write in Joe Biden’s name on the 2024 New Hampshire Primary ballot."

In the FAQs section of the website, the group explained why it was important for New Hampshire voters to write in Biden's name, that "petty party politics" had made the write-in campaign necessary, and how voters could legally add Biden's name to the ballot to vote for him, among other things.

Biden's "blunder" in New Hampshire could come back to haunt him

According to Politico, President Biden himself was behind the DNC's alteration of the 2024 primary schedule with the goal "to preempt a nuisance primary challenge that could embarrass him before the general election."

Yet, in a problem of his own making, embarrassment and humiliation may be exactly what is in store for Biden following his "big New Hampshire blunder."

During the 2020 election cycle, then-candidate Biden performed rather poorly in both the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary but was ultimately saved and arguably propelled to his eventual victory by the South Carolina primary. As such, Biden and the DNC then sought to reward South Carolina by moving it up to the top of the schedule while punishing the traditionally first Iowa and New Hampshire contests by moving them back in the schedule.

That resulted in New Hampshire officials, in defiance of the DNC and in accordance with a state law mandating its "first-in-the-nation" primary position, to buck the new schedule and leapfrog back over South Carolina to reclaim its lead-off spot, most likely in late January, even as the DNC has threatened to strip nominating delegates from the state and any candidates who formally participate in an "unsanctioned" primary election.

Biden's meddling has created a must-win scenario for himself in New Hampshire

The Politico report noted that the primary election schedule meddling of President Biden and the DNC, rather than minimizing the impact of New Hampshire's contest, has created a must-win situation for the incumbent president now.

If Biden fails to effectively campaign in the Granite State or back the write-in campaign in his support, he risks losing that election to one of the admittedly longshot candidates attempting to challenge him for the Democratic nomination and will endure substantial humiliation in doing so.

Thus, the president now has to convincingly prevail in a state where he has never performed well in any of his prior presidential runs and, in a sense, re-elevate and focus attention on the state he sought to downplay and sidestep on his path to a second term in the Oval Office.

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