Bill Maher reconsiders NY v Trump case, predicts Bragg's political ascent

 April 30, 2024

In a startling turnaround, Bill Maher, renowned host of "Real Time," has reevaluated his initial skepticism regarding the Manhattan trial of former President Donald Trump, Fox News reported

Maher now believes that the case, which focuses on allegations of Trump's involvement in hush-money schemes, could lead to a criminal conviction. Initially, Maher dismissed the trial as the least significant among the various legal challenges Trump faced.

Previously dismissive of its gravity, Maher now argues that the trial's outcomes could significantly influence the upcoming presidential campaign.Maher's change of heart came after hearing the testimony of David Pecker, the trial's first witness and former publisher of the National Enquirer.

Pecker's account involved details of the "catch-and-kill" payments intended to suppress stories about Trump's alleged extramarital affairs during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Impact of David Pecker's Testimony

According to Maher, Pecker's testimony was a pivotal moment in the trial. He clarified that the payments were aimed at influencing the election rather than protecting Trump's personal life. This assertion, Maher suggested, could be clearly understood by an American jury.

Maher expressed that Pecker's straightforward account shifts the narrative, making the actual intentions behind the payments evident. "This is the key thing. And it's so clear," Maher stated, emphasizing the potential impact this clarity might have on the jury's decision.

Reflecting on the overall implications of the trial, Maher speculated that a conviction could drastically affect Trump's image and political future. He noted that both independent and Republican voters might change their opinion of Trump if he were to be convicted.

The Broader Electoral Consequences

Moreover, Maher highlighted the broader electoral consequences a conviction could entail. "And by the way, if this goes that way and Trump loses, it's going to change the whole election," Maher explained, indicating the potential shift in the political landscape.

Maher observed that the public perception of Trump could transition from a contentious figure to a convicted criminal, influencing voter sentiment. He remarked, "And he'll look like a loser, not that he doesn't already, but you know," underlining the potential decisive impact on Trump's public image.

In light of his previous skepticism, Maher acknowledged his initial prediction was off the mark. Last year, he called the indictment decision "a colossal mistake," comparing it to other perceived unsuccessful efforts to legally challenge Trump, which he believed only energized Trump's base.

Alvin Bragg's Potential Rise in Democratic Politics

Beyond the implications for Trump, Maher shone a spotlight on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is spearheading the case. Maher predicted that a successful conviction by Bragg could catapult him to significant prominence within the Democratic Party.

"And Alvin Bragg is going to be the rising star of the Democratic Party," Maher stated, suggesting that the successful prosecution of a high-profile figure like Trump could be a defining moment for Bragg's career.

Summarizing his revised stance, Maher acknowledged a complete turnaround from his previous critiques. "I'm turning on this one because it's not what I thought it was going to be," he confessed, indicating a significant shift in his perspective on the proceedings based on the unfolding evidence.

Summary of Maher's Evolving Position

In summary, Bill Maher's changed position aligns with unfolding developments in the Trump trial, where he now sees potential for a substantive impact on future political dynamics. From initially viewing the trial as an inconsequential effort likely to bolster Trump's campaign, Maher's current view is that the trial could decisively influence the 2024 presidential election, potentially reducing Trump's likelihood of success and enhancing Bragg's political stature.

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