Joe Biden hires more people than ever at White House

July 8, 2023
World Net Daily

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Perhaps his long and checkered history of gaffes, bumbles, stumbles, and those many times he can't seem to verbally finish a sentence is why Joe Biden has hired more people at the White House than ever before. To help him out.

But a new report shows under his progressive ideology he's STILL paying men more than women.

It is Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard who cited details from OpenTheBooks in a report.

Under Biden, the White House staff is the "biggest and most expensive in history."

"During President Joe Biden’s first three years, he spent $158.8 million on the largest White House payroll in American history, based on headcount. White House staff for FY2023 collectively cost $52,775,234," a report from OpenTheBooks CEO Adam Andrzejewski explained.

"No White House ever employed 500 staffers until Biden became president. The Biden White House employed 560 in FY2021 and 474 in FY2022. In 2023, the headcount increased by 50, to 524."

President Donald Trump needed 108 fewer people to get the work done, and Barack Obama 70 fewer, Bedard reported.

And Jill Biden?

Her staff is at 20 now, and "rivals the sizable and much-criticized group that surrounded former first lady Michelle Obama. She had 24 assistants," the column explained.

Melania Trump had a staff that varied in size but was no more than 12.

The place must not be a very good location to work, however, as the report found a turnover rate of 46% in 2022, with 220 workers leaving for better positions.

"Also, Biden employs more women than men, though there is a bit of a salary gap," Bedard reported.

OpentheBooks documented, "Of the 524 White House staffers, 313 are women. Collectively, the women take home $30.9 million in salaries, with an average salary of $98,868. Men make up 207 of the staffers, collecting $21.5 [million] in salaries, with an average salary of $103,801."

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