'Duck Dynasty' star slams librarians for disrupting Kirk Cameron story times

March 14, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Librarians across America almost uniformly had been rejecting Christian actor Kirk Cameron's request to hold a story hour for children.

He wanted to use his new children's book and noted that many of the libraries already had been promoting such story times with drag queens and offensive books.

WND reported when library officials started caving and began allowing him the same access to public facilities that other groups had had.

Now, according to a report from Fox News, there are some librarians who still apparently are fighting that battle.

That's evident from comments from "Duck Dynasty" star Missy Robertson, who described the "pushback" she, Cameron, and women's sports advocate Riley Gaines experienced at a public library in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

They were planning a story hour for children there and arrived to make some marketing videos.

Fox reported, "On the 'Unashamed' podcast with Phil and Jase Robertson, Missy said library staff was disruptive as she and Cameron attempted to film marketing videos for their books before the Feb. 25 event. She described how staff members made loud noises and played music from behind the front desk after they had asked for about a minute of quiet to record their videos."

Robertson said, "[The lady at the front desk of the library] said, 'We're just trying to look for things to deal with our stress.' Stre— ... what stress? ... We're just standing there with a camera doing a marketing video. That's when I turned my phone on. I started recording. I was like, 'This is blatant and ridiculous.'"

Cameron now is on a national tour reading his book, "As You Grow," to children in libraries, whose officials had been rejecting the book that shares biblical wisdom.

Robertson has authored "Because You're My Family," a children's book, and lives in the Hendersonville area and was invited to join Cameron, as was Gaines.

The report explained Cameron's publisher, Brave Books, documented that library staff members wanted to cancel the event entirely but gave in when they faced a Cameron-supporting board of directors and the public.

An official with the publisher said the library staff "treated us terribly, unfortunately."

Robertson also reported "hundreds" of people with children were lined up outside to attend, and the library staff required them to stay there, in the rain in February, rather than allow them to wait inside.

"They were super rude to their entire community that lived there in Hendersonville, Tennessee, because that is a public library and they could have invited all those people who were standing in the rain to come and form lines inside the library, down the aisles, sit on the ground," she explained, "They wouldn't let them in. They made them stand outside in the freezing cold with their children in the rain. Total rudeness to me."

Fox reported library officials didn't respond to a request for comment, but Hendersonville Mayor Jamie Clary told Fox News Digital that library employees are county employees.

Before his current tour, Cameron reported dozens of libraries, many already promoting those "drag queen" storytimes, had refused him permission to read to children.

He said his campaign turned a corner when libraries in Indianapolis and near New York decided to let him take part in the reading programs.

The "Growing Pains" star's book, he explains, is "biblical wisdom through the seasons of life."

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