Head of Israel's military intelligence resigns over October 7 failures

 April 23, 2024

The White House received some stunning news on Monday when Israel's head of military intelligence announced his resignation. 

Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva wrote a remorseful resignation letter in which he took responsibility for not stopping the deadliest attack in Israel's history on October 7, which killed over 1,200 Israelis and resulted in over 250 being taken captive.

Over 100 Israeli hostages are still being held hostage in Gaza months later as a brutal war grinds on between Israel and Hamas.

Shakeup in Israel

Haliva is the first person in Israel's military and intelligence to step down over October 7.

He took responsibility within days of the attack for failing to stop it but waited to resign because of the war. Haliva will officially step aside when an replacement is named.

“The Intelligence Directorate under my command did not fulfill its task. I have carried that black day with me ever since, every day, every night. I will forever bear the terrible pain of the war,” Haliva wrote in a resignation letter written in Hebrew.

Haliva called for a commission to investigate the background events that allowed Hamas militants to breach Israel's borders in a surprise assault.

“Everything I did during my service in the IDF was for the sake of the people of Israel and the State of Israel,” he added.

Israel's leader of opposition Yair Lapid applauded Haliva's move and called on prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to follow.

“It would be appropriate for Prime Minister Netanyahu to do the same,” he wrote on the social media platform X.

U.S. to send military aid

In addition to facing criticism over October 7, Netanyahu has faced backlash over the devastation in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have died in Israel's continuing war with Hamas. The fervent nationalist has resisted pressure from U.S. leaders like Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Ny.) and some Israeli citizens to call new elections.

Netanyahu noted that 133 Israelis are still being held hostage as Jews around the world celebrate Passover, which commemorates the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

“As we gather around the Seder table to commemorate and celebrate our journey from slavery to freedom, our hearts are heavy with the plight of the 133 Israelis who remain in captivity,” Netanyahu wrote on X. “Our resolve remains unyielding to see all hostages back with their families.”

The U.S. Senate took a step Tuesday toward passing billions in military aid for Israel. President Biden has already pledged to sign it, despite his criticism of Israel's current government.

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