Democrats want Trump 'killed' with bill to strip his Secret Service protection, lawyer warns

 April 23, 2024

Celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz warned that Democrats want Donald Trump "killed" after they floated a bill to strip convicted felons of Secret Service protection.

The DISGRACED Act, introduced by former January 6th committee chairman Bennie Thompson (Ms.), is clearly aimed at Trump as he faces his first criminal trial in New York.

Stripping Trump of Secret Service would raise the penalty of a guilty verdict to an extra-judicial death sentence, Dershowitz noted in an interview with Newsmax. 


Under current law, Secret Service would continue to protect Trump if he were ordered to prison.

Thompson introduced the DISGRACED Act— which has eight Democratic co-sponsors - arguing it would ensure the "equal administration of justice" by removing "logistical difficulties" if Trump is jailed.

Dershowitz said he is skeptical that judge Juan Merchan would go so far as to jail Trump, but if he did, it would be an effective death sentence without Secret Service protection.

"That's ridiculous, that means they want him killed because he's obviously a target," he said of Thompson's bill.

"We live in an age where everybody is in danger," he added. "Look, Bobby Kennedy ought to be getting Secret Service protection, but certainly Donald Trump needs to get Secret Service protection. He's not going to jail, but if he goes to jail obviously the law requires Secret Service protection."

Just a coincidence?

Thompson's bill would strip individuals convicted of either state or federal felonies of Secret Service protection - which means Trump's state felony charges for "hush money" would be included.

The DISGRACED Act was obviously written with one person in mind, but Thompson insists it is just a coincidence that the bill "happens to include" Trump, who is facing a mix of state and federal charges across four criminal cases.

He's pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The Secret Service has already begun planning for the possibility of Trump being jailed for violating his gag order, ABC reported, as prosecutors push Merchan to hold Trump in contempt.

Dershowitz predicted Trump is "not going to jail" because it would backfire on Democrats.

"The judge is going to bluff, fine and threat, but he's not going to throw Donald Trump in jail. That would be a guaranteed victory...I don't think it's going to happen," he said.

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