Docs show Biden cared more about Afghan environment than U.S. soldiers

July 7, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden cared more about cleaning up the Afghan land used for years for Bagram Air Base than the lives of U.S. soldiers who were tasked with evacuating the American military from the Middle East hotspot, according to charges from the American Center for Law and Justice.

The organization is reporting it had launched a Freedom of Information process to obtain details about the disaster for America in Afghanistan.

When Biden decided to remove all American soldiers, abruptly, the circumstances left 13 Americans dead.

And it left cutting edge American war machinery worth billions of dollars in the hands of the terrorists in the Taliban.

As the removal of soldiers gave the appearance of being uncoordinated, and haphazard, hundreds of Afghanis also were killed.

Further, hundreds of Americans were left behind to be under the thumb of the terrorists, as were thousands of locals who had worked for the American military machinery during its stay there.

The ACLJ said it learned something new, however.

"Environmental concerns like pollution are more important than the lives and safety of American military personnel. At least that’s what the Biden administration believes, according to shocking new recently declassified documents the ACLJ just uncovered," the organization reported.

"We knew that President Joe Biden completely botched the withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan, needlessly costing the lives of 13 service members, not to mention Afghan allies, civilians, and countless Christians."

But it said its FOIA action "just revealed" that "Biden was more worried about Afghanistan’s environment than he was about the lives of American soldiers.

"As commander in chief, that is not only completely unacceptable but also offensive."

The organization reported documentation obtained from the government showed "the focus wasn’t on how we would get our soldiers out of Afghanistan. It wasn’t about protecting Afghani interpreters and other civilians who allied themselves with the United States. The Biden administration was more concerned about the environmental cleanup of Bagram Air Base."

One document that was marked "Classified" said, "Hazardous waste must be disposed of before the U.S. forces leave Afghanistan."

"ISIS killing 13 soldiers will always be worse," the report said.

"And that’s on President Biden now for kowtowing to the will of the Left’s Green New Deal."

The report noted there's not even any mention "of the military equipment and weapons that were left behind in Biden's hasty withdrawal – which now reside in the hands of the Taliban."

The report noted, "What’s really sad here is that back in 2021, we chalked up Biden’s disastrous withdrawal to simply being ill-prepared and not putting enough thought and care into making a plan. Now we see that, no, there was, in fact, a Biden plan – it just didn’t place protecting the lives of our troops as its first priority."

The report said, "Every American should be angry today. Brave soldiers were killed because President Biden and his advisers didn’t protect them. And deadly military equipment was just left behind for terrorists."


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