Biden finds himself in a difficult position following blockbuster Supreme Court rulings

July 7, 2023
Robert Ayers

The Washington Post just published an article highlighting the "renewed pressure" that President Joe Biden is facing from members of his own party following the recent spate of blockbuster U.S. Supreme Court decisions. 

The article is titled, "Biden faces renewed pressure to embrace Supreme Court overhaul."

The Post's Tyler Pager writes:

As Democrats reel from another painful set of defeats at the Supreme Court in recent weeks, President Biden is facing renewed pressure from a range of elements in his party, from liberal lawmakers to abortion rights activists, to more forcefully embrace far-reaching changes to the high court.

Before going any further, let's briefly recall the court's recent decisions.


The Supreme Court's term just recently ended, and, before it did so, the court released a series of blockbuster decisions. Much attention has been given to three of these decisions, in particular.

The decision that has, perhaps, received the most attention is the one in which it struck down the use of race by colleges and universities in their admissions practices.

Then, there is the decision in which the justices struck down Biden's student loan handout. And, finally, there is the case in which the justices ruled that a graphic designer does not have to create websites for same-sex marriages.

Now, in response, some members of the political left are looking to destroy the U.S. Supreme Court.

The left's push to 'overhaul' SCOTUS

Following these decisions, members of the political left have renewed their call for court packing, that is, of adding justices to the Supreme Court such that Biden can nominate enough individuals so as to put the court back in the hands of the left.

The Post reports:

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, a group of more than 100 lawmakers, recently renewed its push to expand the court. Several Democratic senators, including Sens. Tina Smith (Minn.) and Edward J. Markey (Mass.), have voiced support.

Many on the left are even going so far as to deem the Supreme Court "illegitimate."

This is the pressure that Biden is facing from members of his own party: the pressure to "reform" the "illegitimate" Supreme Court.

Biden's dilemma

At the same time that Biden is facing this pressure from the left, he is also facing the fact that many Americans do not see the Supreme Court as "illegitimate." In fact, in a separate piece, the Washington Post points out that the polls have shown that the Supreme Court's recent decisions "are not out of step with the American public."

We'll see how Biden responds to the situation. For now, he has settled for condemning the court's recent decisions.

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