Another Norfolk Southern train derails

March 6, 2023
Robert Ayers

ABC News reports that yet another Norfolk Southern train has derailed. 

This comes roughly a month after the Feb. 3 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine, Ohio.

Although no injuries were reported as a result of the Feb. 3 derailment, it grabbed national headlines as the fiery crash sent the hazardous materials that the train was transporting into the surrounding environment. The administration of President Joe Biden, since then, has received much criticism for his handling of the incident.

Now, a second Norfolk Southern train has derailed, and the good news about this derailment is that, this time, the train was not carrying any hazardous materials.

What happened?

The latest derailment occurred near Springfield, Ohio, on Saturday.

According to Norfolk Southern General Manager Kraig Barner, the train was composed of 212 cars, and, of those 212 cars, 28 of them derailed. No injuries were reported.

Among the derailed train cars were several tanker cars, but it does not appear that they were carrying any hazardous materials.

CNN reports:

Two of the derailed tankers contained residual amounts of diesel exhaust fluid, another two contained polyacrylamide water solution, and four were carrying with non-hazardous materials, according to [Springfield Township Fire Chief Dave Mangle].

At a press conference held on Sunday, Ohio EPA Director Anne Vogel insisted that the derailment did not result in the release of "any chemical or any hazardous material to the soil, to the air or to the water."

"I have been briefed"

Initially, a shelter-in-place order was given "out of an abundance of caution" for those residents located within 1,000 feet of the derailment. But, this order has since been lifted.

Currently, the derailment is being investigated. It is clear that all involved are trying to handle this derailment to the best of their ability so as to avoid the kind of criticism that followed the Feb. 3 derailment.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who was the focus of much of that criticism, released a statement on the latest derailment on Saturday.

He tweeted:

I have been briefed by FRA leadership and spoke with Gov. DeWine to offer our support after the derailment today in Clark County, Ohio. No hazardous material release has been reported, but we will continue to monitor closely and FRA personnel are en route.

The big question going forward is how is it that two train derailments occurred, roughly a month apart, in the same area of the country.

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