Drew Barrymore under fire for calling Kamala Harris "momala"

 May 6, 2024

Talk show host Drew Barrymore is under attack by leftists for "disrespecting" Vice President Kamala Harris.

Barrymore had Harris sit down for an interview on "The Drew Barrymore Show,” on Monday and covered a variety of topics.

It was a rare public appearance for Harris who has been practically hidden away from the public because of her constant gaffes.

However, for once it wasn't Harris who was the problem, her part in the interview went well but nonetheless negative press ensued.

Charles Blow, who writes for The New York Times, blasted Barrymore for "disrespecting" Harris.

Nothing but bad press

During the interview, Harris told Barrymore that her stepchildren affectionately call her Momala.

This prompted Barrymore to say to Harris “We need you to be Momala of the country." The obviously lighthearted, if not cringe line, seemed harmless but it wasn't long before Barrymore came under fire.

Just days later on May 1st, New York Times columnist Charles Blow went on the rampage.

Blow wrote, "I don’t think Barrymore intended any harm, quite the opposite, and the vice president was magnanimous, taking the comment in stride and with good cheer... But even gentle and oblivious stereotyping can be harmful, and it’s important that we explore why this comment, which may seem innocuous to some, is offensive to others."

Virtually no one was upset until Blow decided to rationalize why such an innocuous comment was worthy of outrage.

The outrage machine never ends

Blow continued by saying, "Barrymore seemed to think that asking Harris to be the country’s Momala was a form of praise, as honoring the high regard in which she holds her. But she did so with a historical blindness that America often demonstrates when talking about Black people."

And just like that, a yuppy liberal like Drew Barrymore is now a racial offender in the minds of the ultra-woke people who write for America's mainstream media outlets.

I'm sure the White House just wanted a non-controversial appearance for Harris but Blow made sure that didn't happen.

Blow ended his insane rant saying, "The country doesn’t need and shouldn’t ask Vice President Harris to be its mama or its mammy. The country needs her to continue to advance the agenda of the administration in which she serves — and for which Americans voted — like every white man before her. And America needs to grow up and be accountable for its own actions and whatever repercussions flow from them. Comforting the country in this moment of crisis isn’t Black women’s burden."

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