Hunter Biden has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles against former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for accessing Biden's abandoned "laptop from hell."

Biden claims that Giuliani and his lawyer of "hacking into, tampering with, manipulating, copying, disseminating, and generally obsessing over data that they were given that was taken or stolen from Plaintiff’s devices or storage platforms," that he abandoned at a Delaware computer store.

The lawsuit also claimed, "Defendants are among those who have been primarily responsible for what has been described as the ‘total annihilation’ of Plaintiff’s digital privacy. They also are among those who have been primarily responsible for the ‘total annihilation’ of Plaintiff’s data."

Hunter Biden abandoned the laptop at John Paul Mac Isaac’s Delaware computer repair shop presumably because he forgot or simply didn't care because at the time he was addicted to crack cocaine.

Eyes back on the laptop

The device was considered abandoned and the store owner, not Giuliani, saved a copy of the devices hard drive before the FBI eventually picked the device up from the shop.

Hunter Biden's decision to sue Giuliani over the laptop is an interesting decision as it is drawing national attention to the laptop nearly three years after the story originally broke.

When Giuliani eventually got hold of the laptop data that had been recovered, he turned it over to the New York Post who published the story just a month ahead of the 2020 presidential election and setting off a years long battle that has yet to conclude.

With that story, the New York Post also included a contract that Hunter Biden had signed saying that if he failed to pay for the repair service and pick up his computer after 90 days, his computer would be considered abandoned.

This contract will be critical for Giuliani in fending off this lawsuit as it negates any expectation of privacy that Biden might have had.

Hunter Biden's claims that his "digital privacy" was violated and his data was destroyed won't hold up considering the contract he signed. The only question is will a judge see reason or will Hunter Biden get favor because of his political connections?

In notoriously liberal Los Angeles, it isn't crazy to imagine an activist judge going out of his way to punish Giuliani, who is a close ally to former President Donald Trump.

Nightmare for Biden

President Joe Biden certainly won't be interested in rehashing the laptop story considering he has a presidential election to win next year.

A Technometrica Institute of Policy and Politics poll found that 79% of Americans believe that the Hunter Biden laptop story would have led to Trump's reelection in 2020 had the story been more widely known before the election.

Thanks to censorship and abuse of the justice system, the Biden campaign managed to suppress the story long enough to survive election day and dethrone Donald Trump. Now the story will be re-litigated and brought back into the American consciousness.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had an especially terrible press conference as she struggled to deal with questions about the Biden administration's official stance on the UAW strike.

The UAW, which is one of the largest unions in the United States, is engaged in a massive strike against the Big Three car manufacturers, General Motors, Stellantis, and Ford.

The Biden administration is allegedly going to avoid getting involved in negotiations between the companies and the UAW, but President Biden has traveled to picket with union members creating massive confusion.

Americans wanted to know if this meant that the Biden administration supported the union but Jean-Pierre was unable to give a good answer to reporters.

Jean-Pierre responded to one question saying, "I'm not going to get into the details of what's being negotiated right now on the table with — certainly with the parties."

Mixed signals

The White House is sending mixed signals and whatever political favor President Biden is hoping to get with workers is going to be undermined by the White House refusing to commit to an official stance.

Until the White House comes out directly in favor of the UAW, Biden's picketing is nothing more than a photo opportunity.

When another reporter attempted to get a straight answer out of Jean-Pierre by asking, "I want to press you a little bit on what you just said. You said that the president supports the autoworkers. Does that mean that the president is siding with the autoworkers over the auto companies?"

Jean-Pierre responded by saying, "What we're saying is we're not going to get into the negotiation. Right? This is — When it comes to a negotiation, that is something for the parties to decide on. That is something for them to discuss."

After several similar questions all trying to get a commitment out of the White House, Jean-Pierre said, "Oh my goodness. You're going to ask the same question? I'm not going to change my answer."

Based on Jean-Pierre's refusal to support the union workers strike, Americans can assume that the President is picketing with workers for publicity reasons with the presidential election just around the corner.

Political games

Both Trump and Biden have a lot of skin in the auto worker strikes as Michigan is going to be a key battleground state that Trump win in 2016 then lost in 2020.

The candidate that can win Michigan will likely also win the presidential election. So Trump is traveling to give a speech supporter the striking workers and their demands while President Biden is picketing but refusing to take an official stance.

Trump coming out and openly supporting the workers will likely earn him a lot of goodwill with workers. As for Biden, picketing for the photo op while refusing to endorse the workers will only damage him in the eyes of American workers.

A panel spokesperson confirmed that the House Oversight Committee has scheduled its first hearing for the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden.

Speaking to the Daily Wire, that spokesperson confirmed that the first hearing has been scheduled for Thursday, September 28.

The announcement came as a bit of a shock as that means the first hearing will be held in just over a week. After months and months of investigation and speculation, it seems that the impeachment inquiry is accelerating.

The spokesperson told the Daily Wire that, "The hearing will focus on constitutional and legal questions surrounding the President’s involvement in corruption and abuse of public office."

The fight is on

All of this is great news as it is long past time that Americans finally got the truth about what President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, have been doing for the past decade.

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have been hard at work building a case against President Biden for months.

The process was long and arduous and many Americans worried whether an impeachment inquiry would actually happen. Now with this announcement, the fight is on and the President will have to answer for the many allegations he is facing.

Last week's announcement by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) helped stem those fears a bit but now Americans have a solid date for when this will all begin.

McCarthy stated that the investigation by the House Oversight Committee has uncovered, "serious and credible allegations into President Biden’s conduct — a culture of corruption."

This impeachment inquiry will have massive implications for the 2024 presidential election. It could very well torpedo President Biden's reelection campaign if Republicans can prove the allegations that have floated around for years.

Democrats fighting back

Democrats have stonewalled and fought Republicans tooth and nail for the past year and if it weren't for Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, this impeachment inquiry would never have happened.

Congressional Democrats have called the impeachment “illegitimate” and a “fishing expedition," designed to damage Biden's presidential campaign.

Ironically, this is the same charge leveled at Democrats by former President Donald Trump who has been indicted four different times under political circumstances.

Nonetheless, the fact that a fractured Republican Party has managed to launch an official inquiry indicates that the evidence against Biden is strong and impeachment seems likely.

Representative Jennifer Wexton (D-VA) announced on Monday that she will not seek another term after being diagnosed with "Parkinson's on steroids."

Wexton, who is 54-years-old, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in April but her doctors changed that diagnosis to Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy.

Wexton explained, "I wasn't making the progress to manage my symptoms that I had hoped, and I noticed the women in my Parkinson's support group weren't having the same experience that I was. I sought out additional medical opinions and testing, and my doctors modified my diagnosis to Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsey — a kind of ‘Parkinson's on steroids.'"

Unfortunately, Wexton added that there is "no ‘getting better’ with PSP" and she will serve out the rest of her term before going into retirement.


Wexton said, "I'm heartbroken to have to give up something I have loved after so many years of serving my community. But taking into consideration the prognosis for my health over the coming years, I have made the decision not to seek reelection once my term is complete and instead spend my valued time with Andrew, our boys, and my friends and loved ones.

According to the National Institute of Health, Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsey is a "rare neurological disorder that affects body movements, walking and balance, and eye movements."

The NIH states, "The disease usually worsens rapidly and most people with PSP develop severe disability within three to five years of symptom onset. PSP can lead to serious complications such as pneumonia, choking, or head injuries from falls."

The right call

That means that Wexton may not have much time left and her decision to retire and spend the rest of her life with her friends and family is the right call.

Wexton has been serving as a Representative for Virginia's 10th congressional district since 2019 with her victory over Republican Representative Barbara Comstock.

Wexton then fended off a challenge from Republican candidate Hung Cao with 53% of the district's vote. Virginia's 10th district borders Washington D.C. and as such Democrats have a major advantage in holding it.

Democrats will likely be able to retain this seat but that doesn't make Wexton's terrible diagnosis any easier to handle.

Exemplary behavior

Jennifer Wexton's responsible decision to not seek another term knowing that her mental faculties are declining should send a message to the rest of Congress.

Our congressional representatives need to be mentally fit and capable of representing the will of thousands of Americans. Politicians like President Joe Biden and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) should take notes.

Hopefully Wexton's disease is less serious than the diagnosis indicates and she will be able to enjoy her time with her family without her political career getting in the way.

Eastern Kentucky University's legendary football coach, Roy Kidd, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 91 according to a statement from the school's athletic department.

Kidd became a legend in college ball as he led Eastern Kentucky University's football team from 1964 until 2002.

In his nearly four-decade career as a coach, Kidd led the Colonels to an astounding 314 wins which was good enough to put him at #10 on the all-time wins among NCAA coaches.

Kidd was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2003 following his retirement from coaching at the college level.

Decades of excellence

Kidd's teams were so good that he ended his time at Eastern Kentucky with a .713 winning percentage. His teams consistently dominated NCAA Division I-AA football.

Eastern Kentucky's press release stated, "College football has lost one of its all-time legends, and Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) one of its most beloved and accomplished sons."

Eastern Kentucky's current head coach, Walt Wells, responded to Kidd's passing by saying, "There aren't enough words to express everything that Coach Kidd meant to Eastern Kentucky University and the EKU football program. He was and will continue to be a huge influence on me, not just as a coach, but also as a father and a husband. Coach, I'll miss you and I love you!"

Kidd was an Eastern Kentucky product from the day he was born in Corbin, Kentucky, and attended high school at Corbin High School.

Upon graduating, Kidd went straight to Eastern Kentucky University and became an accomplished athlete for both the football and baseball teams.

After graduation, Kidd spent a few years coaching at the high school level before accepting a job for one year at Morehead State University. He would then spend one year as an assistant coach at Eastern Kentucky, before ascending to the head coach position.

For the next 39 years, Kidd would cement his position as one of the greatest coaches in college football history.

Gone but not forgotten

Kidd entered hospice care last week and with his passing, he is survived by his wife of 62 years as well as three children. Kidd also has six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Not only will Kidd's legacy live on through his numerous children and grandchildren, his legacy also lives on through hundreds of student-athletes who owe so much to Kidd and his talent as a leader.

Kidd coached 55 All-Americans, 202 first team All-OVC selections and 41 of his players would go on to sign contracts with the National Football League.

Country singer-songwriter Charlie Robison passed away on Sunday in a hospital in San Antonio after suffering from cardiac arrest.

A statement from a family representative confirmed Robison's passing and his wife, Kristen Robison, said, "It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that my husband, Charlie Robison, has passed away today, surrounded by his family and friends. My heart is broken. Please pray for me, our children, and our family."

Robison's passing seems to have been unexpected and his family will need plenty of support while they deal with this.

Robison has four children with his current wife and three children from a previous marriage with Emily Strayer, one of the founding members of country band The Chicks.

Rest in peace

Robison grew up in Bandera, Texas on his family's ranch that they had owned for generations.

Robison was a quintessential Texas man standing at 6'4" and with years of experience doing hard work on a ranch. Those experiences made him a relatable figure for many Texans which boosted his status in the Texas country music scene.

Robison got into music in the late 1980s playing for local Austin bands but it wasn't until 1996 that Robison made his solo debut with the release of "Bandera," named after the ranch he grew up on.

Two years later, Sony approached Robison which would lead to a good twenty-year music career before coming to a sudden stop.

In 2018, Robison underwent a tonsillectomy and another procedure to remove extra tissue in the throat which went wrong and led to his voice being permanently damaged leaving Robison unable to perform.

Robison went on to sue the doctor that had performed the procedure but after years of back and forth in court, Robison dropped the case.

Nonetheless, Robison had been forced into early retirement bringing an early end to a successful career and robbing Texas of one of its great entertainers.

Gone too soon

Singer-songwriter Kevin Fowler praised Robison's contributions to country music saying, "His voice was so unique. It was something refreshing. It wasn’t what was going on at the time — all the slick Nashville stuff. Here’s a guy with raw, rough edges."

Fowler added, "That’s really what helped fuel this scene, was the authenticity of it. It wasn’t about going out and kissing radio [butts] and trying to get air play, it was about the live show and connecting to fans. I think we just took what Willie [Nelson] was doing and took it to the next level."

While Robison may be gone, his music remains for fans to enjoy for years to come.

Oprah Winfrey and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are facing major backlash after asking fans to donate money to the survivors of the devastating Maui wildfires.

While the pair had already donated $10 million to disaster relief efforts, fans weren't thrilled with the mega-rich pair's request. At a time of economic hardship, regular Americans want to see the ultra-wealthy doing more.

Oprah Winfrey is insanely wealthy with an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion. Donating $5 million when she's worth billions has rubbed some Americans the wrong way as many struggle to live in this uncertain economy.

Dwayne Johnson is worth significantly less with an estimated net worth of $250 million making his contribution far more significant. Nonetheless, the optics clearly weren't well thought through.

Eyes on Oprah

Winfrey actually owns a home in Maui and some want to see much more from her when it comes to assisting people in recovering.

Furthermore, Winfrey has been accused of hiring private firefighters to protect her massive estate as well as security teams to keep homeless citizens off of her land.

While those allegations are just that, allegations, it all paints a bad picture of Winfrey's response to the devastating wildfire that has killed 115 people with hundreds still unaccounted for.

Winfrey posted to multiple social media platforms asking for donations, and the comments were full of disgruntled Americans pointing out the irony of billionaires asking for regular Americans to donate.

One user said, "This should be a private message between you and your billionaire mates. It’s so outrageous that you are pleading for money."

Another user named Maribel Rubio said, "You have billions. You could donate $100 million and still be as wealthy as before donating. YOU give the money."

Relief for Hawaii

Unfortunately for Hawaii, the focus of the elite seems to be elsewhere as disaster relief funding is hard to come by right now.

The Biden administration has sent billions to Ukraine to help them fight Russia and most recently Biden asked Congress for another $200 million.

Meanwhile, those who lost their homes, loved ones, and city will receive a one-time $700 payment per household, although it is possible that future payments could be distributed.

Hawaii doesn't seem to have the influence that Ukraine has in Washington D.C. and the people of Hawaii will have to get by on a one-time payment that isn't enough to pay Hawaii's average rent for a month.

The Biden administration's attempts to intervene in a Virginia school districts implementation of Governor Glenn Youngkin's (R) trans policies were soundly rejected by the district's board.

The new regulations dictate that a school district can’t transition the gender of a child without parental consent. These common sense rules were a major part of Youngkin's campaign and stunning victory to win Virginia's governorship.

However since Youngkin's election, there has been a bitter war in Virginia's many school districts as leftist activists work to block Youngkin's pro-parent policies.

Then the Daily Wire reported that the Biden administration had attempted to intervene on behalf of those leftist activists but those efforts were rebuffed.

Biden admin is anti-parent

After two leftist activists were arrested for disrupting a meeting of the Roanoke Country school board, the Department of Justice reached out and attempted to get involved.

The DOJ claimed that due to “ongoing community tensions in Roanoke following the release of the new model policies for transgender students,” they could step in as a sort of mediator, a claim that no one in Roanoke Country believed.

When the Daily Wire broke the news about what the DOJ was up to, Representatives Ben Cline (R-VA) and Morgan Griffith (R-VA) reached out to the Roanoke Country school board urging them to reject the DOJ's offer.

In the letter, Cline and Griffith argued that "parents, elected school board members, and Roanoke County taxpayers are much better suited to make important decisions about Roanoke County school matters than unelected bureaucrats from Washington."

School board chairman Brent Hudson responded to the letter saying, "We have rejected the offer from CRS and agree that it would not be in the best interest of our community to allow them here in Roanoke County."

Local school boards have become intense battlegrounds in the ongoing culture war as parents are getting more involved and demanding reforms to an overwhelmingly leftist public school system. In response, the Biden administration has effectively declared war on American parents.

Vile accusations

Claiming that the Biden administration has declared war on its own citizens isn't an exaggeration. The Biden administration has referred to angry parents protesting transgender ideology as domestic terrorists.

In October 2021, Attorney General Merrick Garland opened investigations into parents following a letter from the National School Boards Association that compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists.

Rather than rebuking that letter, the Biden administration referred the matter to the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division which began investigating protestors. One parent was investigated because she was a member of a “right wing mom’s group” known as “Moms for Liberty” and because she “is a gun owner."

Parents who are involved with right wing groups are now in the crosshairs of the Department of Justice. While President Biden may be hogging all of the impeachment attention right now, its arguably more important that Garland be removed for treating Americans like terrorists.

One of former President Donald Trump's former attorney's, Jenna Ellis, was released on a $100,000 bond in the election interference case in Georgia against Trump.

The former President's other attorneys, John Eastman and Kenneth Chesebro, also agreed to $100,000 bonds that got them out of the Fulton County jail, which is known for its terrible conditions.

As for Trump himself, he got a $200,000 bond considering he is the most high-profile defendant in District Attorney Fani Willis's indictment against Trump and his legal team for allegedly interfering in the election.

There was little doubt that Trump and his co-defendants would be out of jail as quickly as possible but Willis still had the satisfaction of imprisoning them.

Trumped up charges

To radical leftists like Willis, the optics and procedure are more rewarding than an unlikely conviction. This indictment is a political move entirely designed to damage Trump's presidential campaign.

The charges against Trump and his legal team are both legally dubious as well as terrifying for election lawyers in the unlikely event that there are any convictions.

Ellis responded to the charges by saying, "The Democrats and the Fulton County DA are criminalizing the practice of law. I am resolved to trust the Lord."

Virtually nothing about this indictment process has been proper or regular. Even the announcement of the indictment was unusual as the DA's office published the entire indictment before a grand jury decision.

Trump's legal team issued a statement saying, "The events that have unfolded today have been shocking and absurd, starting with the leak of a presumed and premature indictment before the witnesses had testified or the grand jurors had deliberated and ending with the District Attorney being unable to offer any explanation. In light of this major fumble, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office clearly decided to force through and rush this 98-page indictment."

Since the indictment was released before the grand jury had even voted, Trump's legal team now has yet another weapon to use against Willis's indictment.

Democrats already won

The case against Trump and his legal team is practically Dead-On-Arrival but Democrats have already won thanks to perp-walking Trump and his allies into a jail.

The message is loud and clear, the Democrat Party will do anything to embarrass and intimidate their rivals. Democrats are using the process to punish their political opponents and the mainstream media is helping them do it.

When Trump faces off with President Joe Biden, the Democrat Party and the mainstream media will crow on about how Trump is a criminal regardless of whether he is ultimately convicted or not.

President Biden needs every advantage that he can get to beat Trump thanks to his own shortcomings. Multiple indictments might be enough to interfere with the election and give the President the edge he needs.

'Jeopardy!' host Mayim Bialik recently shared a series of photos and video from her hospitalization for preventative testing and encouraged others to get preventative care.

Bialik stated in one of her posts that, "It’s not terribly fun getting older. Especially when you have to get a routine colonoscopy and really wish you didn’t have to."

Bialik further stated, "Well, I’m sharing this because: 1. Let’s remove the stigma of routine things that we really should not have problems as a society talking about - ignoring things doesn’t make them go away! Also let’s not be Puritanical about colonoscopies. It’s a thing."

Bialik's fans were initially concerned about her hospital visit but it seems that all is well and Bialik is using this to spread a positive message.

Destigmatizing healthcare

The CDC recommends that adults get routine colonoscopies at the age of 45 but that should begin earlier if someone has inflammatory bowel disease or a family history of colon cancer.

One user responded to Bialik's post saying, "Get the test. It saved my Mom's life. Found it early with her first routine colonoscopy and her surgeon was able to save her life. There are no symptoms until it is too late. They are a breeze and you are done before you even know it!"

While Bialik's crusade to destigmatize healthcare is important, there is reason to be concerned about her future with 'Jeopardy!'

Bialik is already striking in support of the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without writers, 'Jeopardy!' isn't able to go forward, although the current season has enough material to work with.

Variety interviewed 'Jeopardy!' writers Michele Loud, Jim Rhine and Billy Wisse who said, “Our words are on the screen every night. There is no ‘Jeopardy’ without writers. Without us it’s just an empty blue screen."

So while Bialik is striking, her hosting duties are being filled by her co-host Ken Jennings. Now there is a strong possibility that Bialik may not be back even if the strikes end soon.

Turmoil for 'Jeopardy!'

'Jeopardy!' which has been extremely popular for decades, has been in constant turmoil since the passing of host Alex Trebek.

Trebek anchored the hit show for 37 years from 1987 until he passed away in 2020 at the age of 80 years old.

Since then 'Jeopardy!' has had three different hosts who have all lacked stability. Trebek's replacement, Mike Richards, resigned after just one week due to legal troubles.

Now with Bialik's future in question, it is up to Ken Jennings to bring some stability to one of America's longest-running shows.

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