'YOU take YOUR seat': Media finally show Biden's cheat sheets

May 28, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

We know now how Joe Biden, beleaguered with the publicly evident early symptoms of dementia, combined with his career-long record of mental and verbal stumbles, bumbles, and mistakes, stays as close as he does to the behavior expected of a president.

Cheat sheets.

A commentary from Samantha Chang at the Western Journal notes they were revealed on a recent "Fox & Friends Weekend" with Pete Hegseth and Will Cain.

Reviewed were the detailed instructions prepared by staff for Biden to "spell out where he is, who he's supposed to talk to, what he's supposed to say, and where he's supposed to sit."

Chang found they allow Biden's "trainwreck presidency" to be "lurching onward."

The commentary cited the evidence from the cheat sheets and described how they "appear to be written for either a clueless child or an oblivious elderly person."

Citing instructions from the recent G-7 Summit, Cain said Biden "had what amounted to a full transcript for the speech he gave."

Cain explained, "As you can see on his sheet of paper, it’s fully laid out, 'Thank you, Fumio, for hosting us here in your hometown of Hiroshima. All of us gathered around this table are not only the closest of allies — we’re the engines of global economic growth.'"

The commentary explained Hegseth cited the absurdity of an American president needing to be told that the U.S. and Japan now are allies.

Chang wrote, "According to Cain, 'perhaps the most egregious cheat sheet' was from an April 26 news conference in which the octogenarian was given an itemized list of pre-screened softball questions from pre-selected reporters."

He explained, "This showed that he had pre-knowledge, he had pre-screened and knew what the questions would be coming into that press conference."

One instruction sheet actually reminds him he's in the Oval Office, "in case he doesn't know where he is," Hegseth said.

And from a November 2022 Group of 20 meetings were instructions: "YOU will sit at the center, front tables alongside [Indonesian] President [Joko] Widodo and [ European Commission] President [Ursula] von der Leyen. … YOU will deliver opening remarks (5 minutes)."

They've even included basics such as sit down.

From a June 2022 meeting, his detailed instructions were: "YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants … YOU take YOUR seat."

Chang noted it's actually not unusual for public figures to use index cards at various events, "But Biden has been a politician for half a century, including two terms as U.S. vice president. During the past 50 years, he has given countless speeches, met numerous heads of state, and traveled extensively on the public dime. He should not require such detailed instructions for every event, including those in his own office."

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