'You have to hold the president to account,' says famed leftist journalist

February 14, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Seymour Hersh has been a famed journalist since his work uncovering the My Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, both more than a few years ago.

A biography at Britannica notes he cofounded a newspaper, worked for United Press International, broke word on the South Vietnamese villagers killed by U.S. troops, joined the New York Times and reported on Watergate, documented the Soviet downing of a Korean Air Lines plane and Israel's acquisition of nuclear arms.

He also charged in his reporting that Barack Obama had lied regarding details of the 2011 raid on the Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound where Osama bin Laden, the key organizer behind the 9/11 massacre of Americans, was killed.

"Among the allegations made by Hersh was that the Pakistani intelligence service had been holding bin Laden prisoner since 2006 and that Pakistani officials knew about the raid before it happened," the bio explained.

His latest is that, contrary to claims by Joe Biden, the U.S. actually did have a role in the bombings of Russia's Nord Stream gas pipelines.

In fact, he reports that Biden ordered it done.

Now the Gateway Pundit is reporting he insists that American presidents must be held to account.

Officials, he explained, "saw the gas coming from Russia. Russia had pipelines supplying gas to Germany, very cheap, so much so that some of the German companies were reselling (the gas) for a profit."

And worse, "Nord Stream was owned by Gazprom 'controlled by oligarchs who are respectful of Putin. But 49% were (owned by) four different European companies, who were selling gas downstream all over Europe. So you had a tremendous source of cheap gas for Europe. Germany’s a real powerhouse, with Mercedes and BASF, the largest chemical company in the world. They soak up gas,'" the report explained.

"And so the fear was…" Hersh said, "Biden wants this war. Don’t ask me why presidents want war. I think it’s good for their ratings. But Biden was very big on … showing we can stand up to Russia … with Ukrainian soldiers. It’s good politically in America too."

The gas in those pipelines, then, amounted to a "weapon" for Biden, he said.

"As long as Russia was selling that much gas, they thought Russia would weaponize it if there was a war."

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