White House spokesman responds to question about Biden corruption: 'Wow'

June 1, 2023
World Net Daily

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There long have been strong hints, possibly even evidence, of questionable behavior on the part of Joe Biden, and possibly family members.

There was that infamous comment he made about forcing the Ukrainians to fire a prosecutor investigating a gas company, and his son, Hunter, for possible corruption.

There have been former business associates testifying about the involvement of the "big guy" in various payment schemes.

Evidence has been there on strangely huge cash payments from foreign interests to Biden family members – a fact recently confirmed by an investigation being done by the U.S. House into claims of suspect Biden family operations.

Among those? The receipt by family members of some $10 million in recent years from foreigners, while providing no discernible product or service. That highlighted claims that the Bidens have run a lucrative "pay-for-play" operation for years selling access to Biden as vice president, and now president.

But now we have an official reaction from a Biden spokesman to the scandal.

It's "Wow."

Then, after a long, long pause, the comment from spokesman John Kirby was, "The president has spoken to this and there's nothing to these claims."

At the Right Scoop was the explanation: "The question from the unknown reporter was: 'There was a Harvard/Harris poll this month that found that 53% of the public, including a fourth of Democrats, believe 'Joe Biden was involved with his son in an illegal influence peddling scheme. There’s of course evidence that the president interacted with his relatives' associates from China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. So what do you say to the majority of Americans who believe that the president is himself corrupt.''"

The report noted Kirby didn't like the question "at all."

"While still shaking his head in disbelief, Kirby finally said 'The president has spoken to this and there’s nothing to these claims,'" the report said.

"Yeah, no one believes that. Well at least 53% of Americans don’t believe that and they are correct!" the Right Scoop said.

A report at Fox News noted, "Twitter users scorched National Security Council spokesman John Kirby for his speechless response to a question on President Biden being seen as 'corrupt' by a majority of Americans."

"Better question: what did the Chinese communist party think they were getting in return for funneling millions of dollars to Hunter Biden?" radio host Buck Sexton asked, the report said.

And Twitchy's Doug Powers joked, "'There's nothing to this because Biden says so.' Well, in that case, call off the investigation!"

Writer Jeff Carlson noted, "The only thing I heard Biden denying was his involvement w/Hunter's Business Deals. And that's been demonstrably proven to be a lie."

Accompany by facepalm and clown emojis, former congressional candidate David Giglio said, "Well if Joe Biden says he’s not corrupt them that settles it. I’m convinced!"

"The Biden administration truly thinks you're stupid," National Mouth editor Tim Young commented after quoting the exchange.

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