White House officials left speechless by poll that shows most Americans believe the Bidens are 'corrupt'

June 2, 2023
Matthew Boose

Top Biden officials were left speechless when asked to respond to a new poll showing that most Americans believe the Biden family is "corrupt."

The Harvard-Harris poll found that more than half of Americans, and a quarter of Democrats, believe Joe Biden was involved with his son Hunter "in an illegal influence peddling scheme."

Top administration flak John Kirby gave a stunned reaction when asked about the poll Wednesday by the New York Post's Steven Nelson.

“What do you say to the majority of Americans who believe that the president is himself corrupt?” Nelson asked.

White House stunned

Kirby responded, "wow," and paused to collect himself, shaking his head in disbelief, before spitting out a denial.

"President -- the president -- the president has spoken to this....and there's nothing to these claims," he said.

Biden's press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre could be heard off-camera saying, "Jesus" under her breath.

The administration was taken off guard by the nerve of the reporter who actually did his job by asking challenging questions.

After the uncomfortably candid exchange, it was back to playtime as Jean-Pierre took over the podium and called on a friendly reporter who changed topics with a question about the debt ceiling, which he called "everyone's favorite subject." The quip emitted a chuckle from Jean-Pierre and her media lapdogs.

America not buying the spin

Democrats and the mainstream media have dismissed the Hunter Biden controversy for years as a nothing burger and a partisan hoax.

The left took it even further on the eve of the 2020 election, when reporting on Hunter Biden's laptop was suppressed as "Russian disinformation." Many have questioned whether this mass deception had a decisive impact on the election, which Biden narrowly won.

House Republicans released a report last month detailing bank transactions between foreign sources and Biden family members that went through a network of shell companies.

Republicans are now threatening to hold the FBI director in contempt for refusing to release a memo that allegedly describes a "criminal" quid pro quo between Biden and a foreign lobbyist during his vice presidency.

The White House has continued to dismiss the scandal as a "conspiracy theory" even as the evidence piles up, but the American people are wise to the administration's spin.

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