Washington Supreme Court upholds ban on high-capacity magazines

 April 28, 2024

Washington State's Supreme Court has upheld a ban on high-capacity magazines in a ruling on Thursday.

Washington State Supreme Court Commissioner Michael E. Johnston ruled in favor of the ban after a lower court found that the ban was unconstitutional in a ruling earlier this month.

The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Gators Customs Guns against Washington state alleging that the ban was unconstitutional and that claim was initially successful.

High-capacity magazines are defined as magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.

2nd Amendment Infringment

Cowlitz County Superior Judge Gary Bashor found that the ban on high-capacity magazines violated the 2nd Amendment but Johnson immediately issued an emergency order putting the ruling on hold.

Johnson stated, "I was particularly concerned that the superior court’s decision would trigger a flood of (large capacity magazines) entering state circulation, as happened in California, with potential effects on public safety."

Essentially, Johnson knew that Americans would rush to finally buy magazines that have been restricted and he had to put a stop to that.

Johnson didn't even contest Bashor's findings that the ban was unconstitutional, he simply fearmongered about "a flood" of high-capacity magazines being bought up by regular Americans.

Johnson admitted as much saying, "The idea that I could lift the stay and something awful happens with a (large capacity magazine) that would not have been obtained but for that decision keeps me awake at night."

This is a Supreme Court Commissioner openly admitting that he is ignoring the Constitution because of the possibility that some unhinged individual commits a shooting.

The future is unclear but if this case gets to the federal level it could have big implications for the gun control movement.

Get Out Of Washington

The legal strategy for Americans in Washington State is to get to the federal level. Washington's liberal Supreme Court has made it clear that they will ignore the Constitution and as such the only hope for their rights lies at the federal level.

While it remains unclear what options Gators Customs Guns has, the hope is to get out of Washington and have a federal appeals court make a decision.

SCOTUS would be the ideal arena for a battle over the 2nd Amendment as they have already made several decisions that have struck down authoritarian gun control measures.

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