Trump's legal team says Georgia's election interference investigation is 'compromised'

February 27, 2023
Robert Ayers

The legal team of former President Donald Trump says that Georgia's investigation into election interference has been compromised.  

Drew Findling and Jennifer Little argued as much during an appearance Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023, on CBS News's Face the Nation. 

Specifically, Findling and Little argue that the investigation has been compromised by special grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs' recent media tour.

Kohrs recently revealed herself to be a member of the Georgia grand jury that is investigating Trump for alleged interference in the 2020 presidential election - interference which Trump has denied.


In recent weeks, Kohrs, after revealing her identity, has participated in interviews with numerous mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, the Associated Press, and others.

The Daily Caller reports that, in these interviews, particularly the television interviews, Kohrs has been "laughing about the investigation and apparently hinting at what the jury has decided before any indictments have been handed down."

If it wasn't clear by now, Kohrs - who volunteered for the jury due to her "longtime interest in politics" - appears to harbor a bias against Trump. During one interview with MSNBC, for example, she even said that she wanted to subpoena Trump because it would be an "awesome moment."

Kohrs has claimed that the special grand jury has recommended indictments of over a dozen officials.

Whether this is true or not is unclear. But, experts have indicated that Kohrs's recent media tour could end up hurting any case that the prosecutors may have.

"This process has been compromised"

According to Findling and Little, it was Kohrs's media tour that compelled them to sit down with CBS for an interview.

Findling said:

We’ve lost 100 percent confidence in this process. We feel this process has been compromised. This 30-year-old person, to us, has actually provided us a lens and made us aware that every suspicion we had as to this questionable process was in fact a reality.

The interviewer asked the pair, legally speaking, what Kohrs has done wrong. After stating that they "have no chagrin towards this foreperson," Findling said, "it looks like they lost perspective over keeping separation between prosecuting attorneys and the members of this grand jury."

He explained:

There cannot be a relationship. When the foreperson uses the word "we" that lets you know there’s a relationship there. When she says in interviews "certain battles were not worth us battling," it’s not the special purpose grand jury that’s litigating, it’s the district attorney’s office.

How all of this is going to play out remains unclear. Trump, himself, recently put out a statement, saying:

There is no case against me in Georgia because I did NOTHING WRONG, but in any event, and everyone agrees, the out of control Foreperson who did an illegal and unprecedented Media Tour DURING the process, makes the case dead for a second reason.

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