Trump’s approval ratings continue to climb ahead of midterms

Democrats and liberals have been doing everything they can to turn recent headlines against the president.

All the while, though, President Donald Trump’s poll numbers are going up, putting a damper on Democrat hopes of sweeping the midterm elections.

Obama Vs. Trump

Pundits cannot help but compare the sitting president to his predecessor — nor can they help compare periods of one presidency to history.

Based on history, everyone assumed Republicans would get wiped out in November’s midterm elections.

Previous presidencies have suffered some of their worst approval ratings in the first country-wide election after taking office.

It makes sense, considering that most of them make promises they don’t keep, making voters fed up after two years.

That is exactly what happened to President Barack Obama, as his approval ratings were barely over 40 percent when his first mid-presidency midterm elections came calling.

Trump, however, has delivered on his promises — so much so, in fact, that his approval rating is flirting with 50 percent, an unheard of number for the first two years of a presidency.

Elections Looming

With the elections less than two weeks away, the media has been hoping to turn recent events against the president to taint the elections and tilt them in the favor of Democrats.

That is not happening, though.

Instead, Americans are getting sick and tired of the twisting of the facts to suit a specific narrative — and they are rallying behind Trump.

The media has continued to raise the interests of disenfranchised voters who normally would have sat on the sidelines during a midterm election.

And those voters are going to be coming out for Trump.

Why is all of this so important?

With Obama’s approval numbers being so low in 2010, Democrats got crushed in his first midterm election — which wasn’t a huge surprise, considering that the same pattern has happened historically for decades.

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Based not only on Trump’s current polling numbers, but also on the fact that they are steadily climbing, it appears that Republicans have a very good chance of fighting off a Democrat wave in November.

If they are successful, it would mean two more productive years for the Trump administration and in all likelihood, a second term for President Trump.

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