Social media freaks out over Kristi Noem putting down dangerous dog that killed neighbors livestock

 April 28, 2024

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) ignited a massive controversy by telling a story about putting down a dangerous dog who had killed her neighbor's livestock in an upcoming book.

Noem's upcoming memoir "No Going Back," which will be released in early May tells stories from Noem's life that she wants to tell because it demonstrates that she has the strength and will to do hard things.

The Guardian acquired an excerpt from the book and attempted to put together a hit piece on Noem with a story about a 14-month-old female dog named "Cricket."

Noem explained how Cricket was "worthless" as a hunting dog and ultimately dangerous as it attacked the neighbor's livestock and Noem herself.  The hit piece was successful as social media went into a fit and even alleged conservative personalities attacked Noem.

Disgraceful Response

Noem wrote that Cricket butchered the neighbor's livestock for sport and when Noem tried to stop Cricket she was bitten as well.

Noem defended herself saying "It was not a pleasant job, but it had to be done. And after it was over, I realized another unpleasant job needed to be done." This story illustrates that she has the backbone and strength to do hard things, something that most politicians lack.

As Noem is a prominent Republican and the leading candidate to be former President Donald Trump's Vice President, this smear piece and deliberate deception by mainstream outlets is no surprise.

However, even so-called Conservatives are attacking Noem and making themselves look like utter fools.

Conservative duo The Hodge Twins tweeted, "Telling everybody you shot your young dog and promoting your book at the same time? wtf, this is wild."

Conservative personality Catturd wrote, "Omg - now my blood is boiling. Remember, I’m a country boy who lives on a ranch. There’s a huge difference between putting an old horse down who is suffering, than shooting a 18 month dog for being untrainable. But then to plug your book at the end."

These personalities fell for the hit piece hook line and sinker and it's apparent that they didn't read Noem's story but only listened to the leftist spin.

Moment of Reckoning

The Conservative movement talks about the leftist media and their distortion of the facts and yet continues to fall for it every single time.

Noem is a strong Republican who has an authentic and truthful story to tell and was immediately jumped on by "conservatives" who bought into fake news.

It's likely that something like this could doom her chances of being Trump's Vice President and conservatives have played a strong role in that. This entire story is a shameful moment for the conservative movement.

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