'Shoot me. I'm not stopping!': U-Haul driver mows down New Yorkers in 'rampage'

February 13, 2023
World Net Daily

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There's already a long history of terrorists or otherwise deranged drivers using trucks to mow down and kill people, and now just such an attack has been reported in New York City.

According to Fox News, a man driving a rented U-Haul truck "went on a rampage" in Brooklyn, striking eight people including a police officer before being subdued and arrested Monday.

"'Shoot me. I'm not stopping' the unhinged driver shouted at cops who tried to pull him over after he'd left a trail of victims in his wake, leading to a high-speed chase that veered onto sidewalks at times," the New York Post reported.

Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said eight people were in various hospitals with two in critical condition, and the suspect is identified as Weng Sor, 62.

Police described him as "emotionally disturbed" but reports said his motive remains unclear.

"At this time, we have no indication that there is any terrorism involvement in this incident," Sewell said. "However, as always, we will continue to investigate this incident with the full resources of the NYPD and our partners."

USA Today previously detailed about how driving a truck over people has become a common terror tactic.

A recent attack left 10 dead and 15 injured when a man drove a van through pedestrians in Toronto.

Earlier, in Houston, a driver plowed into a crowd outside a bar, killing one and injuring three. In New York, a man stabbed two, then got into his car and drove into a crowd, killing one and wounding seven.

Suspected terrorist Sayfullo Saipov plowed through a busy bicycle path near the World Trade Center memorial in Lower Manhattan on Oct. 31, 2017, fatally striking eight people.

In Spain that year, a terrorist in a van killed 14 people and injured at least 100, and also that year, James Fields drove into a crowd of protesters, killing one and injuring 19, in Charlottesville, Va.

Twenty-two people were hurt and one killed when Richard Rojas, allegedly under the influence of drugs, drove onto a sidewalk in New York's Times Square, and at least twice, vehicles have been used to kill people, a total of 13, in two attacks in the United Kingdom in 2017.

It was a Christmas market that was the target in 2016 in Berlin, where 12 died in the driving rampage and that same year, "Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born student at Ohio State University, crashed his car into a crowd of pedestrians, wounding 14, before getting out and stabbing several of them with a butcher knife," USA Today reported.

In Nice, France, Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel used a cargo truck to run down and kill 86 in 2016.

Several other attacks have occurred in other places in France, though their tolls have not been so severe.

Authorities reported on Monday's New York attack that two people were left in critical condition, two in serious and four sustained minor injuries.

Councilman Justin Brannan said, "We have no idea of motives at this time, but this wasn't an accident."

The attack happened just at the start of the death penalty phase in the trial of Saipov, an Islamic extremist who killed eight in 2017 by mowing them down with a truck.

Law and Crime reported that Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Leigh Houle told a jury terror was part of his plan.

"It’s what he wanted, and he is proud of what he has done," Houle said, noting Saipov "has not abandoned his jihad, his fight."

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