Rick Scott will run to replace Mitch McConnell as GOP leader

 May 23, 2024

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced back in February 2024 that he would NOT run for another term as Senate Republican leader.

Since then, Republicans have been coming out of the woodwork throwing their hats in the ring to replace him. Republican Senators John Thune of South Dakota and John Cornyn of Texas immediately announced their own bids, and Rick Scott of Florida announced his intentions on May 22.

Rick Scott didn't leave any confusion about WHY he's running for McConnell's spot, announcing in his declaration message to colleagues that "I believe now is a moment we need dramatic change."

Another chance

Back in 2022, Scott challenged Mitch McConnell for the top spot in the Republican Senate, running as a conservative alternative. In that race, McConnel received 37 "yes" votes and ten "no" votes. One senator simply coted "present."

While McConnell did win that vote, it was evidence that more challenges were on the horizon. That had been the first time McConnell had ever received a challenge for the top post of Senate Republicans.

Scott making himself stand out

Thune and Cornyn are thought of to be relatively establishment candidates, but Rick Scott is promising CHANGE if he gets the job. Scott says he's taking aim at corrupt politicians making backroom deals, and wants to do things the right way in Congress.

"There have been far too many backroom deals cut in secret, rarely do things go through the committee process, and it’s accepted practice to not allow amendment votes to trillion-dollar spending bills," Scott said. "We are routinely surprised with legislation and asked to vote on it without having had an input or even time to review it."

McConnel wasn't named in the letter, but it wasn't hard to tell who Scott was criticizing.

"Republicans all across America want the Republicans they elected to the U.S. Senate to stop caving in to Democrat demands, this is not an unreasonable request or expectation."

Future promises

Rick Scott seems to be hitching his wagon to Donald Trump, who Scott insists is going to be America's next president after the votes in November 2024 are tallied up.

If people are worried about Thune and Cornyn being able to work well with Trump, then Rick Scott claims to be exactly who they need.

Scott is saying that there's nobody better than him to work with Trump if Donald wins this November.

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