Radical mutiny continues in the White House, two more officials leaving Biden administration over Biden's handling of war in Gaza

 June 3, 2024

Two more officials are jumping ship from the Biden administration over President Joe Biden's handling of the war between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas.

The two officials cited alleged Israeli obstruction of humanitarian assistance to more than two million Palestinian civilians who reside in the Gaza Strip and have been displaced by Israel's war to wipe out Hamas.

One official, Alexander Smith, a contractor for USAID, said he was given the choice to resign or be dismissed after he prepared a presentation on maternal and child mortality among Palestinians.

Another official, Stacy Gilbert, a State Department official from the Bureau of population, refugees and migration, submitted her resignation in protest over the State Department's findings that Israel is not obstructing the flow of food or other aid to civilians.

The Biden administration may be the most leftist administration in American history but it isn't leftist enough to outright side with terrorists against Israel. This has caused many radicals who side with Hamas to leave the Biden administration in recent months.

Biden staying with Israel, for now

President Joe Biden has been under immense pressure for months from radicals who want him to either halt support for Israel or heavily handicap Israel's offensive against Hamas.

Despite that pressure, Biden knows that it would be political suicide to abandon Israel and until something drastic changes his hands are tied and the radicals will not get their way.

The fundamental issue is radicals are trying to get the Biden administration to side with Hamas, a terrorist organization that began this war when they launched a brutal terror attack on Israel that led to thousands of innocents being killed and hundreds of hostages being taken.

Israel is fully within its rights to exact retribution on Hamas by any means necessary but Israel has still exercised restraint and made attempts to minimize civilian casualties.

Israel is the humanitarian side

Gilbert's resignation was sparked by a State Department report that found that Israel "did not fully cooperate” in the first months of the Gaza war but that it had “significantly increased humanitarian access," as the war has gone on.

Humanitarian aid deliveries in late April and early May were running smoothly but they have fallen to near zero in the weeks since. The collapse in aid delivery can largely be attributed to the actions of Hamas who often confiscates aid to sustain fighters or sells it to the population for inflated prices.

Hamas doesn't care for the Palestinian populace and is happily sacrificing civilians to slow Israel down and win the propaganda battle in Western countries.

Israel can only do so much when delivering aid to civilians will result in Israeli troops being attacked by Hamas fighters who will likely steal any aid for themselves.

The Palestinian people's only hope for real liberation comes from Israel destroying Hamas. But that population is so radicalized against Israel that any hope for peace in the near future is extremely unlikely.

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