Prospective Juror Who Claimed To Be Unbiased Admits "Not A Fan" Of Trump

 April 19, 2024

A prospective juror who had told the court she was unbiased in former President Donald Trump's criminal trial admitted during a recent interview that she is actually "not a fan" of Donald Trump, and then started listing various reasons for why the former president made her "angry."

That doesn't sound "unbiased" to me.

After the juror was reportedly dismissed because of scheduling conflicts with the case, she gave an interview to press outside.

One of the reporters asked her to explain how she felt about the former president.

That's when the prospective juror stated that she was "not a fan."

"During COVID-19 I live with someone who is immunocompromised, and I think his handling of COVID-19 was abysmal," she said without providing any further details.

She also claimed that she has an adopted sister from China who feels "very anxious" about the comments that Donald Trump has made about China.

"It made her very anxious and therefore made me angry," she said, before saying she disagrees with Donald's perspectives on "women and reproductive health."

"And I think that all of that needs to be addressed," she said.

THIS is the type of person that qualifies as "unbiased."

It might just take a miracle to ensure that Donald Trump gets a fair trial in New York.

"This prospective Trump juror was dismissed because of scheduling conflicts but told the court she could remain unbiased. Here she admits she’s 'not a fan' of the President. If Trump gets a fair trial in New York it will require a not insignificant miracle," said conservative Charlie Kirk.

It's going to be VERY tough for Donald Trump to get a fair trial, and that was probably the goal of the people attacking him all along.

America's liberal elite who are going after Trump aren't REALLY interested in stuff like truth, honesty, and justice, they are only out from themselves.

They see Donald Trump as an obstacle between them and their goals, and it seems as though they're willing to do anything to stack the deck against Trump's quest to take back the White House.

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