Police defy gender-bender campaign, identify suspect as a man

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Police in Scotland have defied government moves to let people self-identify whether they are male or female, or something else apparently, by identifying a suspect in the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl as a “man.”

According to a report from the Christian Institute, the government in Scotland is on a campaign to let people define their own gender, based on whatever they want.

However, when police were working on the disappearance of a young girl, a spokesman for police identified the suspect as a “53-year-old man.”

It is Andrew George Miller, who has been calling himself Amy for several years, who shortly later was arrested for the disappearance of the girl in the Scottish Borders, the report said.

According to the report, “Police Scotland’s decision to refer to him as a man follows the Scottish government’s announcement that men who claim to be women will no longer automatically be moved to women’s prisons, pending the outcome of a review, and that convicted rapist Adam Graham would be transferred to a men’s jail.”

The report noted Nicola Sturgeon told the Global Player’s The News Agents podcast that critics of her “sex-swap” scheme are “transphobic.”

The report said Miller had supported the Scottish “Gender Recognition Reform Bill,” which would let those 16 and older “change” their six on legal documents simply by declaration.

No medical intervention or confirmation would be needed.

Ash Regan, a former SNP minister who quit over the party’s gender-bending, said, “We need a new system where no male prisoners are allocated to the women’s prison estate.”

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