‘Playing the victim’: Kinzinger says indictment will make Trump more popular

Former January 6 Committee member and virulent former President Donald Trump-hater Adam Kinzinger, now a CNN contributor, told that network on Thursday that if Trump is indicted, it will probably only make him more popular and said that he “plays the victim.”

Kinzinger made the comments on “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, when Blitzer asked him about the possibility that Trump will be indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg after more than five years of investigation into his alleged payoff to Stormy Daniels.

New speculation about an indictment has swirled this week after Bragg issued an invitation to Trump to appear before the grand jury and testify, a move that is often made just before charges are filed.

Hard to prosecute

Kinzinger made the point that this particular case seems “hard to prosecute” and that maybe other charges would be easier to prove in court.

Kinzinger said,

I guess it’s a big story to an extent. It’s not the enchilada I think everybody is thinking. Obviously, the biggest thing I’m interested in is what happens on the Jan. 6 situation and stuff like that. But this obviously, there’s a lot of details I still don’t necessarily know about this case. But as all your guests have been saying, it is difficult to prove, difficult to prosecute. So I think people need to look at this kind of in that spectrum and realize we’re still waiting to hear from Georgia and some other stuff federally as well.”

Blitzer asked, “What do you think, Adam, if, in fact, he is charged with a crime, do you think he can still run for president?”

Kinzinger responded, “I think he absolutely will still run because, it actually will probably make him more popular within the GOP.”

“Biggest victim ever”

Adding some outrage that Trump wasn’t removed from office after the second impeachment, Kinzinger went on to attack Trump’s manhood, saying,

He actually gains popularity, he’s so good at being a victim. It’s amazing in this kind of culture that they have where it’s supposed to be about strength and manhood he’s the biggest victim ever. But I think he will play the victim card in this, probably will help him in the primary and short of being convicted of a felony it will not stop him from running.

Kinzinger knows that Trump can’t let comments like these go, and is probably trying to provoke a social media tirade from Trump, which he may very well get, knowing Trump.

While Trump may or may not play up his victim status, the fact remains that he is routinely treated in ways no one else who has done similar things would be treated.

Enough is enough

They’ve been investigating him since before he was elected, sometimes illegally such as with the FBI surveillance on his campaign, and have not been able to come up with anything to indict him on.

Still, some prosecutors will not give up because they’ve already made up their mind that he had to have done something wrong, if only they can figure out what it is.

Their obvious endgame is to keep him from getting elected president ever again, so why should Trump’s supporters buy into that mentality?

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