Plandemic? Moderna chief expected a billion-dollar pandemic – in 2019!

February 15, 2023
World Net Daily

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The National Pulse is reporting that Stephane Bancel, the chief of COVID vaccine maker Moderna, had predicted a pandemic that would be a billion-dollar business for his company.

In 2019.

The report explained that prediction came at a time when Bancel confirmed his company was promoting mRNA vaccines and he was making a deal with the Chinese Communist Party to bring those about.

Actually, he was aiming low. A report from Newsweek noted that Moderna had $12 billion in 2021 profit from its COVID vaccines.

"The sales of the Moderna vaccine Spikevax jumped 44 percent during 2021's final quarter, raking in $6.9 billion. This number is higher than the $4.81 billion in sales recorded in the year's third quarter. Earnings per share also came in at $11.29," the report elaborated.

The company itself noted, "Total revenue was $18.5 billion for the full year 2021, compared to $803 million in 2020."

Then followed, of course, massive revenue in 2022.

It is the National Pulse that pointed out Bancel was a featured speaker last month at the World Economic Forum on the "State of the Pandemic."

He was asked, "Let’s talk about vaccine development, ’cause we’ve heard how it happened obviously with COVID-19 starting from 2022 and how extraordinary the process was also in terms of the speed. How is the development, adoption, and scaling of vaccines going on when it comes to different variants and sub-variants?"

Bancel explained, "When the [COVID] pandemic happened, Moderna had made a hundred thousand doses in 2019 for the whole year. And I remember walking after those into the office of my other manufacturing and I say, 'How we make [sic] a billion dollars next year?' And they look at me a bit funny and say, 'What?' And I say, 'Yeah, we need to make a billion dollars next year, there’s going to be a pandemic.'"

The report explained, "We now have evidence that COVID vaccines, including Moderna’s, are not particularly effective against COVID-19 contraction, and can have serious and dangerous side effects. Boston Magazine claimed, in 2020, that Bancel wrote to National Institutes of Health (NIH) deputy director Barney Graham as soon as he saw the news about 'viral pneumonia' in China in January 2020 (COVID-19 first surfaced in December 2019, according to the CDC, but the magazine said Bancel found out about it in January), and Graham reportedly wrote Bancel, 'If it’s a coronavirus, we know what to do and have proven mRNA is effective.'"

The report said, "Bancel wanted a pandemic, and the pandemic came."

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