Person seen tumbling down stairs of Air Force One in Poland

The Biden administration isn’t having a great run as far as the steps of Air Force One are concerned.

As The Western Journal reported, upon his arrival to Poland this week, video footage posted to Twitter showed as a long line of people were exiting Air Force Once, a person somewhere in the middle of the section of people on the ramp suddenly tumbled down and onto the ground.

Biden was in Poland this week as the one year mark of the Russian invasion of Ukraine happens later this month.

The president made a surprise visit to Ukraine while in the region.


The video showing the unidentified person taking a nasty fall down the Air Force One stairs quickly went viral.

“Biden landed in Poland at Warsaw Chopin Airport on Monday night and then… someone fell out of Air Force One,” one Twitter user wrote.

The person who fell was not identified as of this writing. And it’s probably a good thing, as the moment will be yet another embarrassing metaphor for the struggling Biden administration.

Surprise twist

In a late-breaking development, the frail, 80-year-old cognitvely-challenged man we call a president, took his second fall of his presidential career on the Air Force One stairs.

The moment, given how comically unbelievable it is that he managed to trip up the steps once again, quickly went viral across social media on Wednesday.

“Biden falls while walking up the stairs to Air Force One once again. This comes just hours after Twitter users noticed he was walking strange during Poland visit,” Collin Rugg tweeted.

In 2021, Biden infamously tripped up the very same stairs, three times in a row on one ascent. The moment remains one of his most painful gaffes, so to speak.

But even more painful, and downright scary, is that America’s adversaries get what seems like a daily reminder that America is probably at its weakest state in a very long time, if ever.

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