Obstruction Charges May Derail Trump's Election-Interference Trial

December 17, 2023
Ryan Edwards

America's Supreme Court recently made the announcement that it will review some of the prosecutions that America's Justice Department has brought against over 300 January 6 defendants was not unexpected.

After all, many of the charges against these 300+ individuals are based on a controversial obstruction statute.

A federal judge has already said that the statute is inapplicable to the rioters.

Because that federal judge was appointed by Donald Trump, this interpretation has obviously infuriated liberals across the country.

It's been appealed and argued to the point that America's Supreme Court has had to agree to step in.

This situation is expected to have a Supreme Court ruling issued in June.

Their ruling would likely set the precedent as to how judges and juries will look at the January 6 charges.

This raises a hugely important question.

Why are liberals pushing for a decision on Donald Trump's January 6 case before then?

If the Supreme Court is going to set the precedent for these cases and decisions in June, then how in the world are we supposed to fairly assess what should happen to Donald Trump before then?

We can't.

This is all part of the liberal plan to disrupt the chances of getting elected again in 2024.

In case you didn't realize by now, very little about Trump's charges and indictments are actually about fairness and justice and morals, you know... all of the things that America is supposed to stand for.

Instead, the main goal of America's liberals with these charges against Trump isn't to actually see the course of justice play out in an appropriate manner. They're just looking to drain Trump's money, energy, time, and other resources in order to limit his effectiveness on the campaign trail.

If Trump's tied up in courtrooms, then he probably can't campaign as effectively as he would have been.

If Trump is paying countless fines, then he'll have less money for ads and other campaign expenses.

Trump is in fine health, but he's not exactly young, so we can't discount the mental and physical energy required to endure multiple trials.

They're trying to wear Trump down, but if anybody can beat them, it's Donald.

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