New Nord Stream bombshell from Hersh: U.S. went back to fetch unused bomb

March 30, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Seymour Hersh, whose honors include the 1970 Pulitzer for international reporting – he uncovered the story of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam – already has unleashed some bombshells with his documentation that it was Joe Biden who actually gave orders to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines.

Now he's released another.

It seems the U.S. then returned to the scene to fetch an unexploded bomb.

According to a report in the Gateway Pundit, the details came out during an interview he had with German reporter Marc Friedrich.

He explained that after three of the four pipelines were hit with bombs and demolished, "The United States was the first country to return to the scene of the crime … and removed the unexploded charge along the fourth pipeline, which failed to detonate," the report explained.

He rejected outright claims from the New York Times and a German weekly that "pro-Ukrainians" in a yacht blew up the pipelines that were intended to send Russian natural gas to Europe.

Hersh explained, "They only got three of the four pipelines. One didn’t go off. It was in the water for months. We don’t know why it failed. But guess what country was the first to go there and recover the bomb that hadn’t gone off? (It was) a country called the United States of America. We were there within a day or two and picked it up and took it away, so nobody could see what kind of evidence there might be of the weapons used."

He also said he has a lot more information than what he has released so far.

And he confirmed the claim about divers from a yacht blowing up the line was a "complete hoax."

The Gateway Pundit reported, "Referring to so-called OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) researchers attempting to 'debunk' his story, Hersh pointed out the U.S. intel agencies would not leave any signals OSINT amateurs could track from their computers. 'You use Open Source as a cover. You don’t have the plane ID'd, and whatever ship was there, they're not seeing because it's not running its AIS. It’s running blind. That’s why they couldn’t find it."

WND previously reported he said the pipeline actions make him think there's something "very scary and very dumb" going on in Joe Biden's White House.

He originally was with Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky on the Breaking Point podcast on March 8, and he shredded the New York Times and others who had been claiming that a "Pro-Ukrainian group" was behind the attack that damaged and left inoperable Russia's Nord Stream pipelines.

Hersh, of course, had reported weeks earlier that it actually was on orders from Joe Biden that the pipelines were damaged, in order to deprive Vladimir Putin of much-needed revenue to Russia as it wages a war against Ukraine, with which Biden sides.

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