New bill lets West Virginia concealed carry holders to carry on college campuses

Ask the folks of West Virginia about how they feel about their Second Amendment rights, and they’ll shoot you straight.

That’s probably why, according to the Daily Caller, the state was able to chalk up a massive victory for gun owners and law-abiding citizens who want to feel safe by passing legislation that allows concealed carry holders to carry a firearm on campuses of state colleges and universities.

The bill, known as the Campus Self Defense Act, marks a big step forward for pro-Second Amendment supporters in West Virginia and beyond.

The pro-carry bill was backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), and it needs to be signed by Republican Gov. Jim Justice before taking effect.

NRA celebrates

To be sure, the passage of the bill, which sailed through the state’s legislature with an 84-13 vote in favor of it, was celebrated by the bill’s sponsors in the NRA.

“The National Rifle Association applauds the West Virginia Legislature’s passage of NRA-backed campus carry,” NRA West Virginia State Director Art Thomm told Fox News.

He added: “There is no reason why any adult who is deemed mature enough to defend his or her country at war should not be entrusted to defend themselves and others on campus. And there is no reason an adult who is allowed to carry in other parts of the state can’t be trusted when on campus.”

Many pointed out that while primary schools are the “softest” targets, generally speaking, colleges are soft on security too, making easy targets for potential bad guys.

That’s why allowing legally-armed, trained citizens to carry a firearm on campus could soon — and probably will — make the difference between a mass shooting and a minor incident.

Fox News noted:

If signed, West Virginia will become the 12th state to allow concealed carry holders to carry firearms on campuses.

Twitter reacts

Social media users had mixed reactions to the passage of the bill.

“Good policy to follow. Gun free zones don’t work,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user added: “Awesome! My daughters going to college this fall and she will be traveling with her firearm.”

It’s not unusual for mass shootings to take place on college campuses, given the relatively lower risk of danger for the shooter. Hopefully, if and when Gov. Justice signs the bill into law, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t, this will pave the way for armed citizens and students to take back control of their safety on campus.

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