Nearly 5 dozen Dems join Republicans to fight Biden's inflationary orders

March 1, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Biden presidency has been beleaguered by exploding inflation for Americans.

Hit by rates as high as 9.1% just a few months back, Americans are paying thousands of dollars a month more for the same lifestyle that had under President Trump – if they have those extra thousands of dollars.

Low- and middle-income families have been hit hardest because inflation has caught up with their food and energy costs – elements that no family can simply eliminate from a budget.

Then the Federal Reserve under Biden has repeatedly pushed interest rates higher, costing those same families, at least any with a credit card, car, or other debt, more there, too.

Now Fox News is reporting that even Democrats are fed up.

Fifty-nine House Democrats have joined with GOP colleagues to insist the White House assess the inflationary effect of Biden’s executive orders before they are issued.

Fox explained, "The bill is the latest effort by Republicans to pump the brakes on Biden administration policies that they say are causing the highest inflation levels seen in decades. But the bill was also supported by 59 Democrats, and easily passed in a 272-148 vote."

It would require that any executive order that has an annual budgetary effect of $1 billion or more would have to first be studied by the administration for its possible inflationary effects on the economy, which Republicans say would make Biden think twice about imposing costly new rules on the public.

Biden's orders already have had catastrophic effects on families, with his orders against fossil fuel projects pushing fuel prices into the stratosphere and his climate change ideologies also hitting Americans' pocketbooks.

Some Democrats still opposed the precautionary move, with Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., blaming the higher costs faced by millions of Americans on COVID and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

She claimed that "There is no evidence that government spending or executive orders by President Biden have increased inflation."

Other Democrats even claimed that Biden's $1.9 trillion "Rescue Plan" and $700 billion "Inflation" spending plans helped "tame" inflation.

Economists have been more realistic, confirming those acts "drove inflation higher."

Fox provided the background: "Republicans have vowed to control congressional spending now that they run the House and argued that Biden also needs to be put in check because he is too casually issuing orders that lead to higher prices for Americans. The GOP has cited two examples of Biden executive orders that have had inflationary effects — one that revoked the Keystone XL pipeline permit, and another in late 2021 that requires the government to move toward buying only electric-only vehicles over the next decade."

House Oversight and Accountability chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said the facts are that "Pushing one big-spending policy after another, President Biden has continued to throw fuel on the inflationary fire. That fire is rapidly consuming the wages of our constituents. They have had to pay higher and higher prices for everything from eggs to electricity, all while inflation pushes their real wages further and further behind."

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