Michelle Obama reveals why her mother lived with her at the White House amid presidential speculation

 April 14, 2024

Former First Lady Michelle Obama opened up about why her mother, Marian Robinson, lived with the Obamas in the White House during President Barack Obama's two terms.

Michelle wrote in The Guardian that, "I had flat-out begged her." Obama also explained that "My mother was the rock of our family," and was important to the upbringing of Obama's daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Robinson had played an important role in the Obama family, especially during the 2008 presidential campaign.

She would end up staying at the White House all eight years but not entirely out of desire.

Robinson told People that, "The White House reminds me of a museum ... how do you sleep in a museum?"

Family Cohesion in the White House

With Michelle Obama busy with her duties as the First Lady, Robinson would play a strong role in the White House for both of Barack Obama's terms.

Michelle Obama was a particularly active First Lady and was a visible figure who pursued multiple initiatives.

Many of her initiatives focused on children's health and opportunities for young girls. Obama created the first-ever Task Force on Childhood Obesity called "Lets Move!" which aimed to increase physical activity and encourage healthier eating.

Childhood obesity has been a major issue that is reducing quality of life and leading to major health issues but Obama's programs saw mixed success and reception.

Regardless, Michelle Obama wanted to use her position to push what she saw as important social discourse and that meant that her mother was backup for taking care of the Obama daughters.

Despite seeing the White House as a "Museum" Robinson told CBS that "I was worried about their safety, and I was worried about my grandkids."

Obama's Back in the Spotlight

Michelle Obama has been repeatedly cited as a possible presidential figure for the Democrat Party which seems completely unable to grow young talent.

While President Joe Biden does seem to have the nomination locked down, many Democrats seemed hopeful that Michelle Obama would do something unprecedented and throw in her name to replace 81-year-old Biden.

Unfortunately for Democrats, it appears they will be stuck with Biden but Obama could be a figure to watch in four years when Democrats realize that they are out of traditional candidates.

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