Judge Cannon scolds DOJ over Trump documents case

 May 21, 2024

Jack Smith and the liberals PROMISED America that they had all of the evidence they needed to convince a judge or jury that Donald Trump is nothing but a criminal.

It simply hasn't happened, and Judge Cannon is getting really frustrated at the lack of substance Jack Smith is showing.

Smith's case is already very flimsy to begin with, and Judge Cannon is saying that Smith really needs to start keeping his story straight if she or the rest of America is going to take him seriously.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Judge Cannon is getting VERY tired of Jack Smith's "flip-flopping" on his past claims of concern over jury secrecy and witness safety. It's not surprising that Jack Smith never really cared about these things, he was just trying to make Trump look as bad as possible.

Smith on shaky ground already

Even before being reprimanded like this by Judge Cannon, much of America had quickly grown tired of Jack Smith's antics.

It didn't take long for people to understand that Jack Smith's case against Donald Trump was no different than the ones brought against him by Alvin Bragg or Fani Willis, who then appointed her married lover to be the one to prosecute Trump.

Jack Smith's written warning

To really drive home how serious she is that Smith stop wasting America's time, she officially put her warning into writing via a five-page order addressing Jack Smith constantly demanding that various parts of the trial be sealed or unsealed, protected or unprotected.

"The Court deems it necessary to express concern over the Special Counsel’s treatment of certain sealed materials in this case," Cannon said.

Cannon knows that Smith is simply fishing around until he finds the best angle from which to attack Donald Trump, and the judge is getting tired of it. Either Smith has a case or he doesn't, no amount of fudging what the jury is presented with is going to change the facts of this case:

Jack Smith is accusing a former president of VERY serious crimes, and he has the burden of proof to prove that Donald Trump committed those crimes.

If Smith isn't able to make some serious progress soon, then America is going to realize that he's just been wasting our time all along in an attempt to drain Trump's time, money, and energy on charges that should have never existed.

Smith's time running out

"The Court is disappointed in these developments," Cannon claimed. "The sealing and redaction rules should be applied consistently and fairly upon a sufficient factual and legal showing. And parties should not make requests that undermine any prior representations or positions except upon full disclosure to the Court and appropriate briefing."

How many more chances do you think Jack Smith should be given? Or do you think that it's time to admit there was never anything here in the first place?

Let us know your opinion by leaving us a comment in the discussion section below.

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