Jonathan Turley: 'the FBI appears to have been completely oppositional and arguably obstructive'

May 28, 2023
Robert Ayers

Jonathan Turley says that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to has been "oppositional and arguably obstructive" of House Republicans' investigation of alleged corruption by President Joe Biden and his family and that he expects the FBI to continue doing more of the same. 

Turley said as much during an appearance Thursday on the Fox News Channel's Jesse Waters Tonight, where Rachel Campos-Duffy filled in for Jesse Waters, the show's usual host.

For those unfamiliar with Turley, he is a George Washington Law School professor and a Fox News contributor.

Turley is not a Republican. But, he often gives opinions that a Democrat would disagree with more than a Republican - which is the case here.


During his Fox appearance on Thursday, Campos-Duffy asked Turley what he expects FBI Director Christopher Wray to do.

Campos-Duffy was specifically asking how Turley expects Wray to continue handling House Republicans' investigations into alleged corruption by President Joe Biden and members of Biden's family.

The House Oversight Committee is conducting one of these investigations, and the committee's chairman, U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-KY), has been attempting to get from Wray and the FBI an informant file that allegedly links President Biden to a $5 million bribery scheme. Wray, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), however, have refused to hand the document over, and this continues to be the case even after Comer subpoenaed the FBI.

The latest development in the matter is that Comer just sent Wray a letter in which he threatened to hold Wray in contempt of Congress. Wray and Comer are now expected to meet up on Wednesday.

This is the sort of thing that Campos-Duffy was asking Turley about when on Thursday she asked him, "What do you predict Christopher Wray will do?"

"oppositional and arguably obstructive"

Turley said that his "guess" is that Wray is "going to resist." And, Turley goes on to explain why the FBI would be justified in doing so in some cases but not this one.

Turley explained:

You know, these forms are raw information at the FBI usually doesn’t release, but this is not your usual case. What is being alleged here is a form of corruption, not just by the president but a corruption of the FBI that this committee is looking into whether the government helped shield President Biden and his family members. So, that’s something that falls within the oversight function of Congress.

After pointing out various ways that the FBI could comply without releasing compromising information to the public, Turley argued that "so far, the FBI appears to have been completely oppositional and arguably obstructive to their efforts."

Turley went on to say that he expects this to continue.

Turley said:

I’m not too sure you’re going to see a significant change here. Wray knows that the attorney general has his back. And even though Merrick Garland really broke from past history and started to prosecute contempt of Congress charges, it’s expected that he will not do so now that the officials are members of his own administration.

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