Joe Biden administration blocked by Judge in Texas

 May 20, 2024

Joe Biden may have thought that he was going to be able to pull a fast one on the people of America by ignoring the Bill of Rights and severely restricting the 2nd Amendment. It's NOT going to happen, at least not right now.

According to Newsweek, "a federal judge has blocked a new Biden administration rule that requires gun dealers to run background checks on buyers at gun shows and other places outside of gun shops."

The rule was scheduled to come into effect on May 20, 2024, with the purpose of ending the "gun show loophole," which allows unlicensed dealers to sell guns without conducting background checks on buyers. Gun lovers argue that in this setting, the guns are a collectible item or form of currency, because many classic and highly sought-after guns are sold in this manner.

Opponents argue that it's a way to sell operational firearms without the government being able to keep track of who they belong to, which increases the likelihood of a dangerous person acquiring and utilizing a firearm.

Enter U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk

The man in Amarillo temporarily blocked the rule from being enforced in Texas. He also said that several gun rights groups would be protected by his decision, such as the Gun Owners of America. His decision comes after a multistate coalition including 26 Republican attorney general filed lawsuits against the Biden administration challenging the rule.

Gun lovers across America are celebrating the decision.

So is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Paxton, who led the group of 26, was thrilled with the decision.

"I am relieved that we were able to secure a restraining order that will prevent this illegal rule from taking effect," he said.

"The Biden Administration cannot unilaterally overturn Americans' constitutional rights and nullify the Second Amendment," Paxton continued.

Unfortunately for residents of Lousisiana, Mississippi, and Utah, the judge did NOT block the ruling from taking place there. Apparently, he said that those states "failed to establish that they had standing to challenge it."

The states that are benefiting from his decision have until June 2 to decide what to do about the situation. That's the date the rule has been halted until, which allows members of both parties to decide how they'd like to approach next steps.

Trump's impact felt yet again

Fans of Donald J. Trump will be proud to learn that this judge who still cares about America's Constitution was actually appointed by our 45th president, Donald Trump.

What do you think will happen to this decision once June 2 gets a little closer?

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