Hillary Clinton's D-Day Comments Remind America Why She Is A Two-Time Failed Presidential Candidate

 June 9, 2024

Hillary Clinton ignited outrage with her comments on D-Day comparing former President Donald Trump to genocidal dictator Adolph Hitler.

Instead of celebrating the brave men who gave their lives invading Normandy and beginning the invasion of Europe to topple Hitler, Clinton took advantage of the day to attack Trump with a downright defamatory comparison

Clinton took to social media to write, "Eighty years ago today, thousands of brave Americans fought to protect democracy on the shores of Normandy. This November, all we have to do is vote."

There are multiple levels of disgusting that exist with this "commemorative" post. This post clearly sets Trump up as Adolph Hitler and the GOP as the 3rd Reich and that voters who bravely vote against Trump in November are on the same level as the men who stormed Normandy's beaches under fire.

Clinton has never been able to avoid making absurd and outrageous comments but this latest one is a reminder for those who don't remember her 2016 "deplorables" moment clearly.

Clinton Hasn't Changed

The fact that Trump has been slandered for years for his rhetoric and supposed "offensive demeanor" is a testament to how strong the leftwing propaganda machine is.

Clinton has been shooting herself in the foot for years and hasn't changed since her last humiliation at the hands of Trump in 2016.

Many politicians know that you must be very careful when manipulating important memorial days in order to attack political opponents. Not Clinton it seems, she went right ahead and made direct comparisons that cast Republican voters as literal Hitler-loving Nazis.

The backlash was immediate and intense as one user wrote, "Just pure evil. Comparing the sacrifices of those who died to defeat Hitler and retake Europe to Democrats voting against Donald Trump. Sick and disgusting."

The irony of this commentary from Clinton is that it is Trump who is battling an authoritarian regime that is weaponizing the "justice system" in order to deny the American people the ability to even choose between Trump or President Biden this November.

While it wouldn't be appropriate to compare President Biden to Adolph Hitler, his regime is more authoritarian than Trump's ever was.

Trump Fighting Authoritarianism

Trump has long railed against the corruption and dysfunction in Washington D.C. and his reward has been a decade-long legal battle. Democrats have fabricated accusations of Russian collusion and most recently Trump was convicted in New York in a partisan trial that has galvanized support for Trump.

Trump declared war on the deep state and ever since the Democrat Party and even members of the GOP have done everything in their power to stop him.

However, stepping away from the politics surrounding November's election, all Americans should condemn this kind of partisan behavior. D-Day should be dedicated to remembering the heroes who gave their lives, not exploited for cheap political attacks.

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