Grassley reveals he's already seen whistleblower document FBI is hiding

June 2, 2023
World Net Daily

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A massive power struggle has developed in Washington as the GOP-led House of Representatives investigates the schemes and machinations attributed to Biden family members, specifically their alleged "pay-for-play" business deals that brought them millions of dollars, apparently for selling access to Joe Biden as vice president and then president.

It's that a whistleblower has told Congress that there's an FBI document confirming a $5 million bribe for Joe Biden to make government decisions favorable to a foreign interest.

But when members of Congress subpoenaed the document from the FBI, Deep State officials there refused to provide it.

Now a report by Margot Cleveland at the Federalist reveals that Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, "has already seen the FBI's lengthy summary of a confidential human source's claims that then-Vice President Joe Biden agreed to accept money from a foreign national to affect policy decisions."

Grassley made the revelations this week, including that he would make the FBI report public as soon as the bureau "complies with a congressional subpoena to provide an official copy of the FD-1023 form — something Director Christopher Wray has so far refused to do."

Grassley and House Oversight and Accountability Committee chief James Comer have been working for several weeks to get documents from the bureau linked to those whistleblower claims.

That insider told Congress the FBI opened an assessment in August 2020 "to discredit derogatory information about Biden. Specifically, Grassley and Comer sought the FD-1023 form used to memorialize an interview with a confidential human source (CHS) and related documents, with Comer issuing Wray a subpoena for the material in early May," the report said.

It's an FBI form FD-1023 that was dated June 30, 2020, and charges there was a "bribe of $5 million."

That such a form exists was confirmed by Grassley and Wray, but now the report confirms Grassley has seen it.

Cleveland documented, "This proves significant because it means Grassley and Comer weren’t merely taking the whistleblower at his word, but that an FBI document confirmed the whistleblower’s claims."

That means, the report said, more weight needs to be given to Grassley's other statements, such as that the form "include[d] a precise description of how the alleged criminal scheme was employed as well as its purpose."

The Federalist explained, "The senator has clearly known those specifics for some time, allowing congressional investigators to run down the various leads the FBI allegedly deep-sixed. For instance, knowing how the alleged scheme was executed would point investigators to the various people and entities involved, allowing relevant bank records to be subpoenaed. Grassley and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., have already run down several leads, including by subpoenaing records that exposed one $5 million pay-to-play enterprise involving China."

Further, the FBI could have documentation that creates further headaches for the Bidens, the report said.

"For instance, in one letter to the bureau, Grassley said other FBI records 'shed light on Hunter Biden’s business and financial relationship with Burisma owner Mykola Zlochevsky,' and those 'documents include specific details about conversations by non-government individuals relevant to potential criminal conduct by Hunter Biden.'"

But, Cleveland noted, "Wray continues to defy the subpoena, but in revealing he has already read the FD-1023 form, Grassley also eviscerated the FBI’s position that releasing the form will put sources at risk."

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