Former Train bassist Charlie Colin dies after falling in shower

 May 23, 2024

Train fans and music fans all over the world are going to be very saddened by the news.

Charlie Colin, a founding member of Train, has passed away at age 58. He was reportedly house-sitting for a friend in Brussels when he slipped and fell in the shower.

The friends found him when they returned home from their trip.

A busy man

Colin was in Belgium teaching a master class at a conservatory and was also making a film, according to the musician's mother.

Charlie Colin was a bass player who co-founded the group in San Francisco during the 90s alongside Pat Monahan, Rob Hotchkiss, Jimmy Stafford, and Scott Underwood.

Their greatest hits would be the songs "Drops of Jupiter" and "Hey, Soul Sister."

Breaking out

Even thought he band had been around for a few years by that point, the band didn't really take off until the release of their 1998 album, "Train."

Colin provided thoughts on the album during an interview he gave back in 2022.

"In essence, I was trained since I was a child. We rebranded and in 1996, we got things going well. By the end of that decade, we had hits, the Grammys, stadiums and all that stuff," Colin said on Dan Clark's podcast.

Colin's end in Train

Things seemed to be going relatively well for Train the band, but not everything was going as well for Charlie Colin the person.

The band was still producing music by October 2003, but Colin was battling a serious substance abuse issue. Train singer Pat Monahan said that Charlie Colin was "a mess."

Monahan called an emergency meeting and reportedly told the rest of the band, "you can have your bass player or you can have your singer."

It would appear as though the rest of the band was tired of Colin's antics as well, because before long, Charlie Colin was replaced by Johnny Colt, bass player for the Black Crowes.

Life after Train

In his later years, Colin moved to Brussels, Belgium, in order to teach a music master class at a conservativatory. By the time of his death, he was also serving as the musical director for the Newport Beach Film Festival, according to his social media accounts.

It was a sad end for a man who contributed so much in the form of art to the world. After slipping, falling, and dying in the shower, Colin was not found until the homeowners returned five days later.

Rest in Peace, Charlie. Prayers for comfort go out to his family and friends.

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