Former Barclays Chief Referenced Disney’s Snow White While Emailing Epstein

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been gone already the last few years, the victim of an apparent jailhouse suicide.

But his life and times still are casting shadows.

The latest report is how former Barclays Bank boss Jes Staley exchanged emails with him, saying, “Say Hi to Snow White. I owe you so much.”

And discussing which Disney princess would be his next choice.

The Daily Mail described Staley’s comments as “suggestive” as it referenced the 1,200 messages Staley and Epstein exchanged.

The emails surfaced in a case filed against JP Morgan bank by the government, and Staley, 66, was an executive for the company’s exclusive private bank, where Epstein was a client.

He became head of Barclays in 2015 and later was forced out.

The report said in the few years just prior to 2012, Staley exchanged some 1,200 emails with Epstein. In one, the report said, “Epstein sent Mr. Staley photos of a young woman in a ‘seductive pose.'”

In another, Staley reportedly wrote, “Say Hi to Snow White” and then asked if “Beauty and the Beast” were free.

The lawsuit accuses JP Morgan of turning a blind eye to the apparent sex trafficking. The report said the emails suggest photographs of girls were being exchanged, and payments were being dispatched.

The report revealed Staley “visited Epstein’s Virgin Islands residence on multiple occasions” and Epstein even “advised” Staley regarding salary negotiations.

At one point, with Epstein in prison on charges of trafficking underage girls, Staley wrote him, “So when all hell breaks lo[o]se, and the world is crumbling, I will come here, and be at peace. Presently, I’m in the hot tub with a glass of white wine. This is an amazing place. Truly amazing. Next time, we’re here together. I owe you much. And I deeply appreciate our friendship. I have few so profound.”

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