Fetterman accuses Biden of trying to 'have both sides' on Israel-Hamas war

 May 20, 2024

He was NOT a popular figure amongst Republicans for a while, as John Fetterman's defeat of Dr. Oz for a Pennsylvania Senate Seat represented perhaps the biggest failure of Donald Trump and Republicans in general back in 2022 when the predicted "red wave" never happened. Fetterman has flipped his reputation since then, now endearing himself to Republicans by bringing some little-seen common sense to the liberal side.

Fetterman recently made an appearance on CNN, during which he BLASTED Joe Biden for trying to have "both sides" on the Israel-Hamas war.

One of the reasons that Republicans are applauding this act is because of WHERE it happened. Anyone willing to stand up to the liberal talking heads on CNN is going to gain the respect of Republicans, regardless of what political party they're associated with.

Jake Tapper kicked it off

CNN anchor Jake Tapper began the conversation by telling Fetterman, "You’ve become famous or infamous depending on your point of view for your stalwart support of Israel since the October 7 attacks, especially, but before then as well, Israel recovered the body of yet another hostage yesterday. That’s for hostage bodies recovered this week."

"The U.S. is assessing that Israel has amassed enough troops to launch a full-scale ground operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, despite President Biden’s warning that Netanyahu and Israel doing that would cross a red line. You’ve said you defer to what Israel thinks is best. So do you think Joe Biden is wrong, for I’m trying to stop a major Rafah invasion?"

Fetterman's response:

John wasted no energy trying to protect the leader of his party. Kudos to him, as human life is too important to play politics over.

"Yeah. I think it’d be unfortunate if it’s being infamous to be supporting Israel. And I’ve been very supportive about Israel from the beginning of all that," Fetterman began.

"I think it’s important that America stands with our very, very critical ally as well there as well too. I’d like to point out that Hamas is what started this, and Hamas could surrender and send every one of the hostages back, and it could all end right now. In fact, they rejected the recent ceasefire deal that would have had six weeks there of peace and allowed everybody to be fed and to continue to move more towards peace. But now Hamas is convinced that they don’t have to."

"They don’t need to take any kind of a deal except, if anything, on their own terms. I don’t think all of the capitulated and all those kinds of things aren’t helpful. And I don’t think that’s going to convince anyone that is now think that we’re not committed to stand with trying to have both sides on that," Fetterman concluded.

Tapper shoots back:

Tapper then had another question for Fetterman, "The reason I said infamous is because there are a lot of progressives, a lot of people in your party who are mad at you for your strong support of Israel and for your continued condemnations of Hamas. Why do you think that is?"

Fetterman justified his stance by saying that he's not going to be intimidated off of supporting Israel.

"I can understand why being a very strong strong supporter of Israel would anybody would be upset with that. If somebody is very much supporting the pro-Palestinian view, that’s fine. It’s reasonable, but I just decided to be on the side for Israel on that, all right," Fetterman claimed.

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