Ex-Obama official claims to have proof that Biden 'is a criminal'

June 19, 2023
Robert Ayers

A former member of the Obama administration claims to have proof that President Joe Biden was part of a "kickback scheme" that stemmed from the international business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.  

The individual who claims to have this proof, according to Fox News, is Mike McCormick.

McCormick was a White House stenographer for 15 years. This includes a period from 2011 to 2017 when McCormick worked with Joe Biden, who, at the time, was the U.S. vice president.

The proof that McCormick has - that Biden was part of a "kickback scheme" - comes from this 2011 to 2017 period when he worked alongside Biden.

A conversation that took place on Air Force Two

McCormick, back in April, detailed to Fox, a conversation that took place between then-Vice President Biden and then-aide Jake Sullivan aboard Air Force Two just before a trip that Biden made in April 2014 to Kyiv, Ukraine.

McCormick recalled:

I'm sitting back there with a tape recorder. Jake Sullivan comes back and somebody asks about fracking. His answer is, well, we're bringing a lot of American assistance over for fracking. Burisma was the direct beneficiary of that fracking, and that's what I recorded, and that's in a White House transcript.

Burisma is the Ukrainian natural gas company on whose board Hunter Biden sat despite having no real qualifications to do so - other than being the son of a vice president. Hunter Biden, in fact, had joined Burisma just before Joe Biden made this 2014 trip to Ukraine.

McCormick continues:

"In the transcript, you don't know who Jake Sullivan is. It's a senior administration official. I'm the witness that says Jake Sullivan is the guy who said it and he should be investigated because at the time Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma and Joe Biden is bringing American taxpayer money to enrich that company and himself and his family.

U.S. Congress gave $50 million to Ukraine for energy after Biden's trip. McCormick argues that corruption is afoot here, and he also said that he believes that then-President Barack Obama was "part of the conspiracy."

Biden's Ukraine problems

What McCormick told Fox in April is even more significant given what has taken place between then and now.

Since April, members of Congress have had the opportunity to view an FBI document - from a "highly credible" source - detailing an alleged bribery scheme in which then-vice president Biden and then-Burisma board member Hunter Biden each received $5 million in exchange for getting fired the Ukrainian prosecutor who, at the time, was investigating Burisma.

What's more, is that the FBI is said to have 17 recorded conversations, in relation to this bribery scheme, that took place between the Bidens and Ukrainian officials. But, the FBI has yet to hand these recordings over to Congress.

McCormick's information adds more details to the situation.

McCormick also revealed that, in February, he "went to the FBI and filed one of their tips on their website" but that the FBI has, thus far, ignored him.

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