DOJ seeking 40-year sentence for man who attacked Paul Pelosi

 May 12, 2024

The Department of Justice has requested a 40-year prison sentence for David DePape, the man convicted of attacking former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Husband, Paul Pelosi.

DePape attacked Paul Pelosi in October 2022 in an episode that is surrounded in unknowns and mystery.

The attack occurred at the Pelosi home in San Francisco and the explanations for the incident have varied widely.

Further complicating matters is the inherently political nature of this situation considering Pelosi's prominence.

In a hearing on Friday, federal prosecutors argued that DePape's sentence should “reflect the nature and circumstances of the offense," being an attack on the spouse of a sitting Congressmember.

Unclear Circumstances

In October 2022, DePape allegedly broke into the Pelosi home in what he stated was an attempt to get to Nancy Pelosi and force her to confess to membership in a cabal of Satan-worshiping Democrat elites who run a global pedophile sex ring.

DePape also stated that he had other "famous" targets in mind, but Pelosi was to be his first one.

Police were dispatched after a call from Paul Pelosi came through and the incident of DePape attacking Pelosi was caught on the officer's body camera footage of the incident shows the attack on Paul Pelosi.

DePape is a Canadian former nudist activist and his friends have described him as "mentally ill."

A nude activist from the Bay Area doesn't fit the profile of a far-right activist but that didn't stop Democrats from blaming MAGA Republicans and Donald Trump for the attack.

Breitbart noted that "In the wake of the attack, Democrats and the media attempted to blame Donald Trump and his ‘MAGA’ supporters for the brutal assault. However, associates of DePape described him as mentally ill."

In fact, there have been numerous allegations that DePape and Pelosi have deeper connections that have been completely obscured by the mainstream media.

Burying DePape

The Department of Justice wants an incredibly long sentence for what amounts to assault with a deadly weapon. The Department of Justice gives murderers less time than that.

All of this indicates that they want DePape buried away either because he knows something that would damage Democrats or because they want to send a message that anyone who attacks Democrat politicians will face the full force of the law.

It's worth wondering what kind of sentence the Department of Justice would pursue for a mentally ill nudist who attacked a Republican with a hammer.

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