Democrat fears of a mistrial of Donald Trump are growing

 April 20, 2024

As the trial of former President Donald Trump in New York commences, fears of a mistrial are growing among Democrats.

Jury selection is now complete in Trump’s hush money trial with twelve jurors and six alternates having been selected. The trial's opening statements are set to begin Monday which will finally launch the most anticipated trial in modern history.

Prosecutors are counting on a jury comprised of people from Manhattan to give them an edge.

However, there are growing fears that one juror could be the difference maker that would result in a mistrial.

Politico cited the case of Timothy Shea, who was charged with fraud alongside former Trump advisor Steve Bannon. In that trial, which was also held in Manhattan, one juror called the case a “government witch hunt" leading to a mistrial.

Mistrial is a win for Trump

All Trump needs is for one juror to force a mistrial and that will lead to a massive delay that potentially will push out Bragg's indictment past November's presidential election.

Interestingly, that juror argued that the government brought the case against Shea and Bannon in a blue state like New York to secure a conviction.

This is a factor that Bragg and Democrats are the most worried about. Conservatives are well aware that Trump can't get a fair trial in such a liberal area being as Trump is public enemy number one to Democrats.

Everyone knows that the trial isn't fair even if Democrats insist that this is a sacred movement to defend democracy and hold Trump accountable.

Bragg has staked his entire career on prosecuting Trump and should he fail the consequences will be dire. A mistrial and delaying the trial until after the election in November means the case will be effectively dead and Biden won't have the ammunition a Trump conviction would give him.

Furthermore, a mistrial and further extension of this entire situation only makes Trump look better as more Americans will see that this trial is a sham trial meant to punish a political opponent.

Hard times for Alvin Bragg

Alvin Bragg has rocketed to national notoriety due to his indictment of Trump. However, the expectations are high and the scrutiny that indicting Trump brought has left Bragg exposed and vulnerable.

Trump's lawyers have taken advantage of Bragg's soft-on-crime policies to attack the case against Trump. Bragg regularly lets violent felons walk free to terrorize the public and yet is trying to upgrade a misdemeanor to a felony to take down the leading presidential candidate.

Bragg's indictment, like the other indictments, is all political and there will be consequences for this should Trump win the election in November.

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