Congressional Democrats planning meetings to discuss removing Biden ahead of 2024

 July 8, 2024

Several House and Senate Democrats are planning to meet next week where they're expected to discuss the path forward for President Joe Biden, with many Democrats wanting to remove him due to his age and failing health.

Following Biden's disastrous presidential debate and last weekend's interview with George Stephanopoulos, the mood in the Democrat Party has shifted against Biden's campaign.

Republicans have warned for years that Biden is too infirm and elderly to serve another term in office and yet Democrats bought into the White House's narrative that Biden was sharp as a tack, away from the cameras.

When Biden finally ended up in front of the cameras, it revealed just how bad things had gotten and former President Donald Trump has surged into a decisive lead in many swing states.

Democrats are running out of time and are desperate to replace Biden so all eyes are on these upcoming meetings that will happen this week.

Down With Biden

Some Democrats are downright angry with the White House for lying to them about Biden's health. Up until this point, most Republicans assumed that Democrats were in on the secret about Biden's health.

However, it seems that Democrats actually believed Biden was in perfectly good health which speaks volumes to how tightly controlled and choreographed Biden's outings have been.

According to insider sources, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) will hold a virtual meeting with Democratic committee ranking members on Sunday.

In the Senate, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) will be holding a similar meeting next week although the exact agenda isn't known.

Even for Democrats who don't want to go as far as removing Biden, the issue of Biden dragging down down-ballot Democrats is something that must be addressed.

Democrats have crucial races to win in the House and the Senate and the possibility that discouraged Democrat voters won't come out to vote for Biden could lead to massive losses down the line.

All Hands On Deck

Democrats are obviously being very political with their treatment of this situation but ever since the debate it was apparent that the party is in crisis and everyone is rallying to chart a path forward.

The bad news for Democrats is that Biden is showing no signs of wanting to step aside and appears to be deadset on staying in the race.

There are other issues to consider in replacing Biden as all the Democrat primaries have already concluded and there are legal issues involving the massive war chest that the Biden campaign has accumulated.

The Democrat Party's situation could not be worse but they have no one to blame but themselves. Republicans have been saying Biden is too old for years but Democrats drank the Kool-aid and now they have to find a way out of this mess.

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