‘Citizens Would be Encouraged to Report Friends and Neighbors’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The “Ministry of Truth” appeared in “1984,” a creation of author George Orwell, and it was assigned to deal with the dissemination of lies.

Since then, Joe Biden has been accused several times of trying to create that very entity, through his now-defunct “Disinformation Governance Board” and more.

Now there’s a specific plan being offered in Washington State that is, in fact, nothing more than a “state-level ‘Ministry of Truth.'”

That’s according to Live Finne, of the Washington Policy Center, who charged the new legislative proposal “would criminalize certain forms of expression based on what members of a state commission consider to be their definition of ‘domestic extremism.’ Creating a state-level ‘Ministry of Truth’ would not only undermine democratic norms, but it would have a chilling effect on public debate, freedom of speech, and civic participation in Washington state.”

Finne explained the bill would let government officials “decide whose words and whose speech would be subject to criminal prosecution” and that the state attorney general “would increase surveillance of citizens for perceived violations of words and speech prohibitions.”

“Citizens would be encouraged to report friends and neighbors to the state for officially-banned phrases, thoughts, and expressions,” Finne said.

The Post Millennial explained in a report the pending plan already was approved by a state House committee.

Its effect would be to create a 13-member commission to address incidents of “domestic violent extremism.”

Attorney General Bob Ferguson has described that as including “noncriminal activities and speech,” the report said.

He said in a 2022 report that his goal was to find ways to address the “challenges” that end up being “precursors to – acts of terrorism.”

The panel as proposed also would have the power to issue rules regarding public health.

The report said, “Critics have slammed the legislation citing in 2021 when the National School Boards Association, sent a memo to the Biden administration asking that parents protesting during public comment at local school board meetings be treated as a form of domestic terrorism.'”

Promoters of the plan have cited their opposition to expressions of opinion regarding “election fraud narratives,” “anti-mask and anti-vaccine narratives,” “anti-critical race theory narratives” and “anti-LGBTQ ‘grooming’ narratives,'” among others.

The bill doesn’t mention the violent and destructive BLM and Antifa riots that swept across America, causing billions of dollars in damages.

The commission to address “domestic violent extremism” would include lawmakers, and representatives of groups protected by Washington State’s hate crime law, and others.

The report explained, “Part of the commission’s work would be developing ways to track data incidents of DVE, ‘including how data is collected, what triggers data collection, and how to ensure data is not disproportionately used against black, indigenous, and people of color communities or other communities.'”

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